Top 10 Most Amazing Space Facts


  1. Apparently Darth Vader requires some cough mixture…

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  5. you are amazing good facts too

  6. Metal bonding in the vacuum of space? Didn't know that….
    Pretty good channel guy. Good work.

  7. Nice informative channel…you have a great voice…your a natural ..Gratz G

  8. wow i love it amazing facts!! very informative and thanks for explaining!

  9. Awesome as always. Space is always full of mystery and facts. Also, I love the music in the background. And nice mixture of Star Trek and Star Wars reference. 😊

  10. I didn't know any of these facts. Thanks for sharing this interesting information! A lot important things happen up there that we don't know about.

  11. Anyone know the name of the song they used for each transition still an awesome/educational vid! 👌🏾

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