Top 10 Most Accurate War Movies


  1. Now’s not the time to surrender. Fight on with Noovie:

  2. I think that ''The Thin Red Line'', ''The Big Red One'', ''Enemy at the Gates'', or even the forgotten german film of the early 90's ''Stalingrand'' deserved some honorable mentions!

  3. Where is the lord of the rings and the battle of helms deep? Exept for the arrival of the elves, it is historical accurate

  4. Glory got "some minor details wrong" showing the Battle of Fort Wagner? If you consider the direction from which the 54th Massachusetts attacked a "minor detail," then sure.

    Also, Gettysburg should probably be on this list in place of one of the Vietnam films, probably Apocalypse Now.

  5. So, where's "Stalingrad" (Joseph Vilsmaier, 1993) in this little scheme of things?

  6. Whatever no Gettysburg!? Iwo jima

  7. Hamburger hill honorable mention!

  8. it is funny that some people below consider "the longest day " a documentary, when a huge amount of the actors were actually in WWII , and the technical advisors were actual officers of both sides ,so whatever – research it

  9. I can’t believe they left out Hacksaw Ridge 😮

  10. Glory had NO accurate scenes in it

  11. Also: Stalingrad (1993), Joyeux Noël (2005)

  12. "The Boys from Company C"
    "The Beast"
    "Sgt. York"

  13. Wheres a bridge to far? Not even a honorable mention….

  14. 0:50. That’s not a ‘cruel’ drill instructor, it’s a drill instructor.

  15. I've never seen any of these movies, and from Rebecca's wording, I can already see the pretentiously dishonest innuendo in all of them. I'm sure that the only reason this episode was made, is to give the wrong impression about what is accurate.

  16. Why not Forest Gump? Everybody loves Forest, Bubba, and Lt. Dan!

  17. 7:05 should be the most accurate of them all. It was certainly the most intense war movie ever put to screen.

  18. What about john wayne "the green berets" scary real

  19. As a Viet nam Vet ,I always thought "Platoon" was the best movie in reality, but the TV show, "China Beach" is even better.

  20. Commando should have been #1

  21. Hacksaw ridge?No meh suppose it's more story driven

  22. And fokin Shakespeare won oscar that year… what a shame…

  23. How wasn't American Sniper on this list as that was following an actual soldier the entire film

  24. Although Saving Private Ryan was a amazing WW2 film but the film was hardly accurate after the D-Day opening scene as none of the other battles in the movie actually occured including the last battle when Miller dies.

  25. the number one thing thats keep me from watching these videos is the extra 30 seconds tacked on to subscribe and what not. im not subscribing because of that very thing. its obnoxious

  26. So only movies made since the 70’s? You’re missing so much!

  27. Sgt Hartman was hard and fair no lie there

  28. Jarhead, Restrepo, and Redacted.

  29. What about Dunkirk? it seems like that would make the list

  30. Where is Hacksaw Ridge?

  31. No Waterloo?
    No A Bridge too far??


  33. American war movies are crap. German and Finnish war movies are better and more realistic. Seems like war is like a game or entertainment for americans, for us europeans war is just dying and surviving. For example Unknown soldier is great movie, everyone should see it. Greetings from Finland.

  34. Come and See is a very accurate ww2 film.

  35. I think you should consider All Quiet on the Western Front (1930). Despite its age, this pre-Code movie, which win the Oscar for Best Picture, is an unflinching look at life as a German soldier in the trenches of World War I. Star Lew Ayres became a pacifist after making this movie, which led him to becoming a medic in World War II.

  36. Platoon is the greatest war film ever made, period.

  37. Gunny Hartman wasn't cruel he had a job to do. Sometimes things are just the way they are.

  38. Contrast the original,"clean" shot in black and white D Day landing in THE LONGEST DAY with that in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN to see how far and honestly we have come in movies depicting war being actual hell.

  39. Come and See Communist propaganda is on here but not the 1993 Stalingrad?

    I think it's pretty obvious who's running the show here.

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