TOP 10 Monkeys in Animation – Brad Monkey Reviews

Y’all think you know monkeys?
You don’t even know yourselves, maaaan.
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  1. Yo why aren't you more popular, this is a great channel

  2. Love the idea of reviewing animal species in animated media, I am yet to do my aardvarks in animation my self 🙂

  3. love how these lists play around with the format a little. Makes the vids stand out more.

  4. Now will you have a top ten cartoon pompadours video?

  5. Ah hell yeah more content!

  6. Now seeing these videos make me happy!

  7. Now seeing these videos make me happy!

  8. Excuse me, but the correct way to pronounce "Jake" is with an extremely hard K that sounds like it destroys your throat, it's how Adam says it due to not being able manage his anger but also having the secret that he is always overly angry.

  9. A determined winner is the best epsiode of Monkey. I love the dialogue between Wrestler and the heroes where they don't understand him. And he just give up then tell them" FIGHT ME OR I'LL DESTORY THE EARTH".

  10. …i wanna see some cups knocked over.. FUCK YEAH!!!!!……. (Bows his head in shame for not seeing Dr. G. coming)

  11. STOP monkeying around and get back to work

  12. Ninja Monkeys!

  13. Always happy to see this channel uploading.

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