Top 10 Moments In Ayrton Senna And Alain Prost’s Rivalry

Ten moments Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost’s Formula 1 rivalry became legendary! From shunts at Suzuka, downpours in Monaco and fiery press conferences – the Senna and Prost rivalry will live on in F1’s history forever…

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  1. Senna : Like 👍
    Prost : Comment ⌨️

  2. Good times if we getting up early (Brazilian clock) and we see Senna fighting with Prost!
    One than bests rivalries from all times on F1!

  3. Al Senna's word should be written in racing bible.

  4. Ham-Ros got nothing on this epic rivalry

  5. RUSH : The fierce rivalry

  6. great scenes, great years, great races… just speechless with this video! congrats 👏👏
    this is the way things must be.. go for every gap!!

  7. Senna the best, Prost good.

  8. Still the best ever. The only one to be this iconic. Senna was stolen from his 1989 title because of the dirty side of this sport we love.

  9. I'm so glad we don't have rivalries like this anymore.

  10. Até nos ESTADOS UNIDOS eles respeitam esse mito,o Ayrtoon Senna era brasileiro

  11. Senna crashed deliberately to prost on the last one because to win the championship prost had to not finish, giving him the championship. You would have seen tyre smoke from the front wheels if he wanted to avoid the crash. Watch the top gear Senna tribute

  12. this is just childish and dangerous man i like senna but boy was he a bitch god bless the dead

  13. History moments of the sport

  14. This was the era of f1. Two of the best and most equally matched drivers of all time. Hope we see something like this again soon.

  15. Is it only me, these youtube clips are more fun than the game itself?

  16. I wish that seb and Hamilton too had this intense competition

  17. I think complaining about a 1991 Ferrari is pretty legit Ayrton.😂

  18. 'If You No Longer Go For A Gap That Exist, Your No Longer A Racing Driver'.. A. Senna

  19. senna – the original dirty driver

  20. when i was born senna was the world champion 🙂

  21. 4:30 than the pole position slot wasn't always in the dirty side of the track you say?

  22. Imagine the penalties, warnings, suspensions they'd get today..

  23. The F1 ceiling..After that it was only -> Barrichelo : Schumacher is faster than you can you confirm you understood that message ??? rsrs

  24. The video should be chronologically organized due to the fact that the rivalry increased exactly with it.

  25. Senna was a great driver, certainly in the top 10 of all time, but he was a brat who would risk his own life and someone else's life for his success. I've seen the final years of his career and I agree with Piquet when he says that whenever Senna was battling in the race with someone he would give you two options: crash or let him pass/keep the position.

  26. We need such rivalries, now more than ever, to keep the sport interesting

    1989: Prost Fault
    1990: Senna`s Fault

  28. Love this video, thanks F1! Keep up the good work.

  29. 6:25 Prost seen Senna going away 👀

  30. Senna drops to 14th in Japan, fights his way back, wins the race and the championship. Lewis Hamilton was a pitstop behind on Bottas last weekend and practically gave up, whining over the radio.

  31. Nothing compares to Senna. The greatest. The Master.

  32. “a special hello to our dear friend Alain, we miss you Alain".

  33. Probably the best video of this channel…

  34. "If you're no longer going for the gap that doesn't exist, you're not a racing driver."

    – Pastor Maldonado

  35. Should have made a top 11 and then end with Prost carrying the coffin of Senna!

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