Top 10 Moments from 13 Reasons Why Season 3

Top 10 Moments from 13 Reasons Why Season 3 // Subscribe:

Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why had a lot of unforgettable & dramatic moments! For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the most memorable moments from season three of 13 Reasons Why. Our list includes who killed Bryce, when Tyler tells Clay what happened to him, Jessica’s speech at the school assembly, and more. If you haven’t seen all of season three yet, be warned, a major spoiler alert is in effect.

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  1. What did you think of this season of 13 Reasons Why? What moments stood out the most to you? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

  2. I just still don't understand why that filter was added in the real time moments!!

  3. monty is no agrasive with i sex tho lol he was all like

  4. "My name is Jessica Davis and I'm a survivor"
    "My name is Tyler Down and I'm survivor"
    "My name is Justin Foley and I'm a survivor"
    Me: 😭😭😭😭😭

  5. ani be like
    Oh hi I exist now
    oh yes i am a person in this show now yes

  6. ani was not a character she was a tool made up to help the plot develop

  7. who else hated the femeinist like i wan to crash their furneral now

  8. I like this season better than previous ones because this focuses on all the other characters, shows their dark pasts and character development whereas the last two seasons was just focusing on dramatic Hannah. I'm sorry I'm not really fan of Hannah

  9. Okay… When bryce owned up for his actions and stuff that made me feel sympathy for him a little bit. O btw why the FUCKKKKK was aAni in this season just….WHY  ̄へ ̄ Also if bryce wouldnt raped anybody or been a bad person i would have liked him.

  10. I feel bad for Bryce he was really trying to try to change

  11. When Justin and some of the football team ran onto the field because of the guy that harassed Jess.. that was my favorite sene from season 3

  12. No hate to the actress, but this season would have been way better without Ani in it

  13. I dont really tear up very easily through films and shows,but that scene where tyler told clay what happened fucking broke me man,the fact the acting was so good it pissed me off i couldnt hug tyler myself shows how talented devin druid and dylan minette are. Best scene of the season hands down.

  14. They just casually swear to each other’s parents. My mom wouldn’t enroll me in a different school if my friend said heck.

  15. Idk why but whe i read the title i thought it said "top 10 funniest moments from 13 reasons why". And when i saw the thumbnail i thought it was a joke

  16. bryce didn't change, once a rapist always one! they will always do whatever to get people on their side,in this case…sympathy! none from me, no thanks

  17. Bryce is way overblown as the bad guy
    There are so many other terrible people

  18. I don't think this season is better than season 2 and btw Bryce Walker helped Alex and never did wrong to Alex in any way ….Alex had some anger issues …fucking kid gets anger on everyone …and I don't fucking feel like continuing this series cuz lots of drama..except Alex and ani all were lit 👏👏

  19. what is thebackground music at top 1?

  20. Clay and Justin's bromance is so freaking Precious ❤

  21. clay & ani= worst
    clay & hannah= best

  22. Hey Bryce is apologizing to Hannah in tv heaven

  23. I agree with the number one spot I cried sooo much

  24. I actually liked Ani’s character but I didn’t like the style of narration. Know the difference between character and style/technique. She could have been such a creditable character if it hadn’t been for the directors choice of narration.

  25. I wish there was just one season…

  26. I’ve always loved Justin , clay & Tony ❤️

  27. I don’t know but i have more empathy for Nora (Mrs. Walker) rather than her son. She had been through bad things and she lost her only child, the scene where Bryce’s mom and Hannah’s mom talked to each other hitted me.

  28. Why is everyone hating on ani? She basically saved the entire group . Montgomery may have an abusive father but that doesnt give him the excuse to do such horrible things to everyone. In the end if someone had to be blamed it had rather be monty than Alex.

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