Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands (1992 – 2019)

Just visualizing which companies sold the most phones, from Motorola to Nokia and then the iPhone.

Data: Wikipedia 
Music: Kevin MacLeod

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  1. Whats your e mail i am interested i doing buisness with you??

  2. were is windows mobile???

  3. the way nokia died…😥

  4. Others, wtf. Best phone company is Huawei, and I think it has best phone and camera on it

  5. Драсте

  6. what the fuck are "others"?

  7. Other is soooo specific mannn

  8. Lg got its most deserved hate


  10. Fake tolik mobilu a ni v tím době nebilo tak 10000možna ale 400 000 000 není ani tet apple

  11. In 2015 apple had its largest sales because of the iPhone 6s Plus

  12. Others = ????
    ? = X
    X = Iphone X
    So the winner is Apple 😶

  13. I still remember Nokia switch on animation 2 hands holding it was the best animation any mobile company has ever made I will always love Nokia phones its even bullet proof

  14. Other get revenge on samsung

  15. What does Others Mean?
    You so dumb

  16. How can number of units of phone sold decrease as the years increase?

  17. Where my Samsing gang at

  18. Everyone gangsta till "others" comes up

  19. after watching this video, i decided to purchase an other phone looks good

  20. Nokia:
    Others joined the group:
    Nokia left:

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