Take a look at a few highlights from the top 10 plays of the Seattle Seahawks’ 2019 regular season.

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  1. Matthew Thompson Reply

    Go hawks you always make my day every day and I want to thank you for that

  2. I couldn't believe that nfl.com had No-e's catch at #11, below TT's interception.
    The interception was incredible, but the second hardest catch in more than five years doesn't make the top 10?
    Weird? Biased? I no longer care, I was just shocked over what was chosen instead. What it comes down to is that this is our team, and we'll remember that play forever.
    Go Hawks.

  3. Andrew Cooper Reply

    I flew all they way from Nome, Alaska to attend the Thursday Night game against the Rams! I was at the south endzone and saw the Lockett catch right in front of me! Money well spent!

  4. Can't believe the disrespect ESPN and sportscenter has on the Russell-Tyler Lockett connection at #11. What a joke!!!

  5. ddg's playstation Reply

    So early there is no comments so i cant see other people opinion dangit!!

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