Nico Hulkenberg has enjoyed an exciting F1 career since making his debut in 2010. Here are his best bits…
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  1. Matt_Dobson06 Reply

    His performances in 2013 were the saving grace for that season. He made up for Vettel's nine consecutive wins. For me that was his most impressive season.

  2. When I started watching F1 again in 2016, I don't know why, but Hulk became my favourite driver. He was the first driver I would legit be sad when he crashed. Especially German GP this year. I really hope to see Nico back again😔 Thank you Nico

  3. Nick Wiechert Reply

    He will get the Podium tomorrow, remember where you heard it first.

  4. Orhan Elmasdere Reply

    my favorite moment of him was when he got the podium.. god that day was unforgettable

  5. Abhimanyu Kohli Reply

    It would have been perfect had he got that Alfa seat. 😔😔😔

  6. I first saw him race in A1GP. Talent was clearly there. Sadly, he never had the chance to drive for a top tier team.

  7. TinchoMarinkovich Reply

    My favourite pilot after Alonso's retirement. So underrated. Never has a competitive car.
    Good bye, Nico!

  8. I love that his 2nd best moment was to crash into someone:D great video. I will remember all these great moments, not.

  9. Nah man he is better than more than half of the drivers on the grid tbh.

  10. Chase Vestal Reply

    I’m the small majority I guess who thinks there are better drivers than nico in f2. He’s a middle pack man always has been.

  11. black _light Reply

    Let's give Nico a great send off. It's too bad he never got a win:(

  12. Anyone else spot the cheeky fistbump after overtaking Schumacher [2:41]?

  13. Robin Mulder Reply

    If this man will not come back after next season, I'm literally going to name my f1 2021 driver Nico Hulkenberg so he can have his seat. See ya later!

  14. Curious Cat Reply

    Hulkenberg is out, but Crashean for some reason always gets a seat. Go figure…

  15. Jack Roberts Reply

    I can’t believe he’s leaving hopefully he will have better luck soon

  16. VictoorG 16 Reply

    How the fuck are Grosjean and latifi in and hulk out, Fuck money….

  17. Abraman12345 Reply

    I feel bad for Nico he’s such a great guy but can’t get a seat in f1 😭
    Wish the best for Nico in the future👍

  18. Shawn Koehler Reply

    I hope Haas will regret their decision and throw out Grosjean asap and get Hulk

  19. F1 need clean driver like nico. He is here after many years he make his job and make no problems.

  20. Syphon Toastie Reply

    In the last 6 years has not finished above tenth.

    0 podiums.

    0 wins.

    Why are you celebrating this guy F1? He’s garbage and a total loser. All he has done is drift down into shitter teams and cars.
    Never winning a race means you failed your career. The point of racing is to win. He never could convert his decent qualifying positions either. Another sign of a pathetic driver with poor stamina and ability.

  21. Nico Hulkenberg is world championship material but he was just one of the most unlucky drivers in Formula 1 history, he is one of the greatest drivers to not win a race.

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