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Unlike the painting from the Dutch Golden Age, this film sadly won’t go down as a great work of art. They can’t all be as successful as Harry Potter. Sometimes it’s just best to leave a book a book and move on. If you noticed problems in the GoldFinch movie and what them explained, you’ve come to the right place! For this list, we’re taking a look at the reasons why John Crowley’s adaptation of Donna Tartt’s novel was met with a mostly lukewarm response following its TIFF premiere. Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 Problems with the Goldfinch Movie.
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  1. Have you seen The Goldfinch? What did you think of it? Let us know below!

  2. Roman Optirsky Reply

    I fell asleep in part of the movie. Its has some wonderful cinematography ,and the lead actors were good.the cons are the length, its too serious in its tone, the characters has no development , and by the time things going places ,i lost interest and waited fir the credit to appear

  3. BubbleXan Animations Reply

    The only question I have is WHERE THE ад CAN I WATCH THE GOLDFINCH!!!!!!! I am sad because I haven’t been able to go anywhere to watch it 🙁

  4. haley loving Reply

    They keep going on about how everything jumps around, and how the plot points don't resolve, and how the character don't develop or stay around long. While I haven't seen the movie yet I've read the book and the whole point is that Tartt wrote about Theo's actual life from his point of view. The whole book was him telling his story based on his diary/letters to his mom he's not a reliable narrator. There's also the fact that it's not a disney movie or some 90s tv show, this is a book trying to convey real life, and people don't always grow and change nor do things always have resolve. I think while a movie wasn't the best adaptation for the book, it did it's best relaying the story and the people that hate on it, just don't understand Tartt's style.

  5. The book is like 800 pages long. Of course the movie isn’t gonna fully do it justice no movie can really do books justice. It was not bad at all, people are getting too caught up in comparing it to the book. It was a great movie on its own.

  6. I absolutely LOVED the book and the movie. And it very heavily annoys me when someone reviews the movie but hasn’t read the book. Everyone’s points are that is to melodramatic or depressing… BUT THATS THE WHOLE THEME OF THE BOOK. If these people had read the book they would understand that this movie was never supposed to be happy. This isn’t a feel good coming of age book/movie. It’s real. It has upsetting topics. You have to read the book to fully understand the movie. Because if you’ve read it you’d remember the whole lesson at the end of the book is that “Life is a catastrophe”.

  7. Daniel Pauly Reply

    I thought the movie could be salvaged if the ending had some redemption. Boris and Theo should have retrieved the painting and returned it to room 32 of the museum. Best if they did it secretly without expecting praise. That would provide redemption for their characters. The current ending is much too bland.

  8. Sand Strand Reply

    i can't even watch the hole video. It makes me so angry. I love this movie so so much. And i think everyone did an incredible job making it a masterpice. I am so sure it will earn at least one oscar. I am tryinig to understand your point. Everyone has a diffrent opinion, but honestly i don't get the hate. Ik, some parts of the book are missing but how else are you sopposed to get 1000 padges into a movie that's already 150 min long. And saing it ist too maledramitic… In my opinion, that's the best part. but okay. I just love erverything about this movie and I don`t believe you got the point and what feelings it tried to convey.

  9. this is one of those movies that you have to read the book to understand and no one seems to understand that….

  10. This movie was G O O D . Like Very, VERY good. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Gotta disagree with a lot of this. While I’ll concede that they definitely could have spent more time exploring the themes of drug use and also Theo and boris’ relationship especially when they were young, the movie still had a lot to offer. It stuck fairly close to the book and the cinematography was insane! Oakes Fegley had an outstanding performance and you truly felt his grief for his mother. While some story was lost with the non linear time frame, the story as a whole still made sense and the flick back to him at the very end with his mother was beautiful. Finn Wolfhard’s accent was how it’s described in the book and Sarah’s character Xandra was literally portrayed the same way the book had her. If you’re a book fan I’d recommend seeing it. While it wasn’t a masterpiece it was still a good movie and help together really well.

  12. Ashley James Reply

    This immediately became my favorite book of all time. Thank you for the video; I shan't be seeing the movie because I always believed justice could never be done on the big screen, and you've confirmed that. Plus, I absolutely hate Ansel Elgort or whatever his name is as older Theo. This one will stay in my imagination!

  13. It wasn’t that bad, the book was amazing and the movie wasn’t as good, but it wasn’t horrible

  14. Grainne Mhaol Reply

    Hopefully John Crowley will slither back into oblivion after this.

  15. Marlon Moncrieffe Reply

    🤔 Maybe this 784 page-long book should have been adapted as a TV miniseries (for HBO…or Amazon Prime that co-produced with Warner Bros.)?

    ✒ Anyway, I blame the mediocre screenwriter, Peter Straughan. (Where is David Hare when you need him?)

    🎥I like that you brought up Todd Haynes. He would have been a good writer/director. (Lisa Cholodenko too).

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