In this video we’ll go over the raid fights in wow which lasted the longest, while actually doing the fight itself. So basically the length of the actual raid fight, and how long it took on average in order to complete it based on a few metrics that I’ll talk about in the video itself.

–The List–
10-Mythic Gul’dan 15.5-min
9- Garrosh 15.75-min
8- Magtheridon 16-mins
7- Ragnaros Firelands 17-min
6- Kael’thas 17??-min
5- Imperator Mar’gok 18-mi
4- Nefarian 18.5??-min
3- Four Horsemen 21.5-mins
2- Illidan 22.5-mins
1- Sha of Fear 23.5-mins

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  1. And those green items didn't f**** exist when we killed ragnaros for the first time you moron I'm getting tired of people f**** caulking on the players when it was f**** blizzard blizzard didn't implement the right item ization that they had 1.12 most of that stuff came around the AQ. Which is patch 1.10 shut up learn how to play learn what actually caused the difficulty and it wasn't until around 1.6 or 1.7 that we even got a decent amount of MP5 items or + healing items in game

  2. Bajsmannen Storpung Reply

    Dunno why you include the enrage timer. If you actually raided mythic you'd know that the world first kill is pretty much the slowest kill ever.

  3. Délcio Rogério Reply

    I actually follow both your Yugioh and WoW Channels without knowing you were the owner of both. xD

  4. I once did an LFR Garrosh that hit the enrage timer as a super geared DK tank that basically didn't need to be healed to help a friend. It… it was painful.

  5. The moment you mentioned 25min LFR Garrosh fight, you've sent me to a PTSD episode.

    fuck that fight, literally harder than HC Garrosh.

  6. What do you mean LFR isn't real raiding? What do you think the "R" stands for?

  7. Nathan Scanlon Reply

    Did that tank in nihilum have thunderfury still equipped in BC? WTF?

  8. Why oh why not just use the world first kill time? Why overcomplicate it? I think the world first time alone is the better metric.

  9. For some reason I think that right now many people at Blizzard must be tense as fuck being so close to Blizzcon.

  10. Burke Boydell Reply

    jesus, not even 30 seconds in and he's already horrifically mispronouncing something obvious. is this a new record?

  11. Why would you use the enrage time for anything. It is an arbitrary number for most fights.

  12. Blake Graham Reply

    God damnit your making me wish that it was a different xpac than BFA😭😭😭

  13. 10 shortest raid boss fights without exploits?
    Though if there were some particularly interesting exploits, wouldn't mind the extra trivia honorable mentions thrown in there too

  14. That brought back some memories. I am happy to see Illidan on that list, lol, but shocked KJ (SWP) wasn't.

  15. The way you calculated that time is so flawed Im not sure it even means anything.

  16. Most fatal elevators in WoW. I'm sure this statistic exists somewhere…

  17. It probably would've been better to get your average from averaging the world first kill with the fastest kill ever recorded.

  18. charcoalblack boy Reply

    Say the ebola meme thing you sound hilarious when you do it

  19. NoneOf YourBusiness Reply

    Your comments about vanilla players skill are really valid because the versions of bosses fought in classic are 1.12 which are largely nerfed. The comparisons aren't direct.

  20. Great vid, keep up the good work! I would argue that 2007 is not "the early days of the internet" rather, "the early days of YouTube".

  21. I think before you had raid difficulty tiers Blizzard put really generous enrage timers on bosses so that even what we'd consider "heroic-only" guilds now could actually beat them eventually. They also probably wanted to keep the bosses possible even if a group was missing a dps or two.

  22. Barokai Rein Reply

    Before I watch this I'm gonna expect Twin Emperors to be here. That fight took like 30 fucking minutes.

  23. Challenge DK Reply

    " I dont really consider LFR real raiding"

    Damn you just triggered the general forums real hard with that comment.

  24. Classic wow isn't vanilla wow. Ragnaros is way harder when you don't have usefull talents or spell power on gear

  25. DakonBlackblade2 Reply

    I dont care what this video says, Mar'gok lasted forever, it was at least 35 minutes, it felt like it. Goda damm anoying fight, never had so little fun progressing on a mythic fight, every new mechanic you needed to learn took like 3 hours cause there was 15 minutes of fight before you even reached the damm mechanic.

  26. DragonKing3013 Reply

    Im curious at where argus wouldv'e ranked here, i always felt it was a long fight but idk

  27. dSCHUMI1004 Reply

    LFR fights are so long because 7 people of the Raid are AFK, 15 do basically no damage and 3 are carrying the group.

  28. Well Guess What Mimi We Did Reply

    "I won't make a video or anything"

    -Hiruma on twitter

  29. Chromie main Reply

    gonna love when nefarian is gonna get killed in 1 min on classic 😀

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