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A huge thank you to the following people for providing information on the games featured in this video! – MisterPRMiller, Savestate, Etem, Bert, Amyrlinn, Kanaris, Rusty, Xem, Tomatoanus, and Professor Palmer!
There is a $1,000 competition to speedrun the game, MineRalph. The contest will last until September 9, 2019 and the goal is to get to #1 on the ingame highscore list and to hold it until the contest is over! Record your run and post it to or upload it directly to YouTube or any other video website!
Additional Guidelines For The Competition:
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Today, we talk about the Top 10 Largest Bounties in Speedrunning. Over the last few years, bounties have grown in popularity in the speedrunning community. People are willing to spend money just to see games be pushed to their limit. Bounties generally include breaking a World Record in a specific game, or discovering a glitch and/or skip that might save time in a speedrun. The price tag on these bounties can range anywhere from a couple hundred, to thousands of dollars.
The Bounty Spreadsheet:
The spreadsheet also includes threads for each bounty.
Feel free to message Bescape on Twitter if there is a bounty that needs to be added!
Xem92’s Video on the $1,000 Ratchet and Clank UYA Contest:
Side Note: Professor_Palmer is looking for someone to translate the English VA onto the Japanese version of Thousand Arms. He’s willing to pay whomever is interested, so be sure to contact him on Twitter. This is because the JP version of the game is MUCH faster than the English version, and having English VA/dialogue on the JP version would make this game great for a marathon run (Also once some skips/glitches are found for the game, since he’s not an active glitch hunter).
Tomatoanus’ Video on the Theoretical Memory Sequence Skip
Speedcucked: Memory Den – Fallout 4:
1080 Snowboarding –
Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness –
Videos Used:
MineRalph reveal trailer
CBFD Money
Mario Party (N64) – Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing
Borderlands 2: Which Character Is The Best!? & Which One Fits You The Best!?
Borderlands 2 – Gaige the Mechromancer Trailer
Borderlands 2 Any% Gaige speedrun in 1:59:20
Borderlands 2 – Control Core Angel Boss Fight and Cutscene
Borderlands 2 | Beginner’s Guide To Rocket Jumping
*New* Borderlands 2 Control Core Angel Out Of Bounds Glitch
Let´s Play Thousand Arms: Part 1 Attack of the Acolytes
Thousand Arms: Dates with Sodina 2
Thousand Arms WR Clip
Let’s Play “Quest for Glory IV” Part 01 – Where’s my luggage?!
Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness – Fighter Any% [28:10]
Quest For Glory: Shadows of Darkness (Part 15 – Gypsy Camp)
Fallout 4 Any% Speedrun 39:40 (World Record)
Up to $200 in Fallout 4 Glitch Bounties Announcement
Fallout 4 Freefall Armor, No Jetpack Needed! (EASIEST WAY, Take No Fall Damage)
*Description was too long, so here is a pastebin of the other videos that were used.*
FloFilz – Whirlwind ft. Afu-Ra
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rzuma – Nightshift
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  1. Buy MineRalph for Steam (affiliate link):

    There is a $1,000 competition to speedrun the game, MineRalph. The contest will last until September 9, 2019 and the goal is to get to #1 on the ingame highscore list and to hold it until the contest is over! Record your run and post it to or upload it directly to YouTube or any other video website!

    Additional Guidelines For The Competition:

  2. Wait hold up, there wasnt a level with angel, I played that game, had a physical copy, there was no level involving being in the same room with angel
    In fact, you get up to that point and it auto went to the roland dies cutscene

  3. Shh something is shady about this Reply

    TomatoAnus instantly sounds like a 9 y/o kid.
    but he's probably a 30 y/o manchild playing video games to see how fast he can complete them.
    what a joke his life is lmao

  4. Olivier Scholl Reply

    Bruh just say hundredths of a second, it's not technically incorrect, but come on… CENTIseconds?

  5. Nyundi VanCleef Reply

    Bert is going to have to pay out some money by the end of the year. 4 of his records beaten by the same guy.

  6. Arrested Effort Reply

    Tomatoanus also has a speedrun for how fast he can get Mama Murphy to overdose after starting the game.

  7. AtomicArtumas Reply

    Why are the only games on this entire list that I own SM64 and Fallout 4.
    Trying to talk myself into starting speedrunning, but ugh. Nearly every game I'm remotely interested in is either already nearly perfectly optimized, has extreme competition, or ends up being terrible to speedrun due to extreme RNG or extremely inconsistent setups that aren't "necessarily" RNG. (Y'know, frame/pixel perfect tricks or exact value requirements.)
    Maybe I'll just start doing the meme-tier clue speedrun >.> Best run ever.

  8. I thought the thumbnail implied there was a bounty for Conker's BFD… thanks for the bait & switch? 😐

  9. You need to put the names of the games in the video in text for the people that want to fast foward

  10. FireEagles14 Reply

    So I'll be honest, I got pretty heated that you used Conker for your thumbnail and the intro to your video but not a single mention about him or the game series.

  11. Dfas Fasfas Reply

    > you'll be surprised how hard it is
    No, no I won't – the difficulty looks asinine, even without playing

  12. youtube f'd me in the a Reply

    Borderlands 2 hunt (I found something that could be used shoot roland and he hurry up because if you have fire gun the splash will skip his audio and boom but it doesn't seem to work with the last value so idk)

  13. David Navarrete Reply

    I honestly thought you were gonna mention the vertical upwarp

  14. Brandon Harry Reply

    Well there is now a $700 bounty for a specific skip in The Simpsons: Hit and Run.

  15. Pannekoeken still has a 1000 bounty on a mario 64 glitch on tick tock clock

  16. Chrill Sandquist Reply

    I believe Distortion 2 had a 500$ bounty out for Jimmy skip in Sekiro. Don't know if it's active

  17. Holy shit, I was not expecting Thousand Arms to be on this. Now I have to look up the one runner for a game I didn't know anyone else knew existed.

  18. DaVeganZombie Reply

    How the hell did you manage to say "Tomatoanus" without pausing?

  19. i know that in fallout 4 when youre in a settlement if you can see a chair on the other side if the wall you can clip though it by sitting on the chair. i used to do this to make shortcuts in my base.

  20. Well i guess i have a reason to play fable again. I don't speedrun but i love abusing all the glitches in fable.

  21. I can not help but laugh everytime someone says Tomatoanus. He has the oddest but still appealing online name i've ever heard.

  22. NES Man Dan Reply

    What about Legend of Zelda Gorya Skip? Where you don't get the food.

  23. Thanatos DDP Reply

    Ahh yes my favorite playable character in BL2 Craig the Psycho

  24. I once suggested that whoever is the first to get the Golden Strawberry in Celeste's Chapter 9 DLC should get a few thousand dollars, without knowing that such bounties actually existed in speedrunning. Then I have this video recommended to me.

  25. Linkandzeldarules Reply

    I really wonder how you would claim a bounty if you found a shortcut. Seems like someone could get cheated:

    Party A states they are willing to pay $100 to obtain the emerald stone in Zelda OOT without going into the Deku Tree. Party B states they found it.

    Option A: Party A pays Party B first.
    Problem: Party B could say thanks and they don’t know how to really do it.

    Option B: Party B sends the video/instructions to Party A first
    Problem: Party A says thanks and doesn’t pay

    Option C: Party B sends evidence showing a shortcut must of been performed to Party A but doesn’t state how or the video of it being done.
    Problem: Party A pays them, Party B says thanks and not send the video/instructions.

    Even if Party A pays half now half later, Party B could still keep the secret once they received a portion of the bounty.

    The only way I could see if Party B sends evidence, but not the key. Party A pays 5%-10% of the bounty and Party B hopes Party A pays the rest after sending.

    Seems claiming a bounty is mostly based on mutual trust from a stranger.

  26. Limp Pickle Reply

    The Borderlands 2 bounty has been claimed. Todd Rogers beat the Angel in 5.51 seconds. Referee Verified. 🐴 💩

  27. FUCK ME,i once performed a glitch that didn't made me take fall damage in fallout 4 but now i don't remember how it was done. I want to die

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