Top 10 Kids With Scary Imaginary Friends

Top 10 Kids With Scary Imaginary Friends
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Many kids growing up sometimes create an imaginary friend in their minds because they feel lonely. The kinds on this list however, their imaginary friends are not as friendly as they may think. Get scared as we talk about the Top 10 Kids With Scary Imaginary Friends.
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  2. I don't remember this but it was told to me by my mother. I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid. Her name was Amy and I would tell my mom and grandma everything about her and the things we did together. One day there was a knock at the door and it was a little girl. She asked if I could come out to play. At the time I was too small to be out by myself and we had just moved to our house so we didn't know anyone in the area. My mom asked who she was and her name was, you guessed it ,Amy. My mom asked my dad what to do and my dad said to let us play in the back yard because we didn't want to anger her. We played together and then she never came back. I stopped talking about her too. My mom laughs it off now as shes always been an occult believer. My grandmother will not talk about about it and refuses to even now that I'm 32.

  3. 11:14
    Your imaginary friend when someone says your imaginary friend isn't real.

  4. im getting shivers up my spine from this.

  5. I had two of them imaginary friends I mean

  6. My imaginary friend was myself but better xD

  7. I never had an imaginary friend. I didnt understand the concept of talking to nothing but air as a kid

  8. LJ!!!! Laughing Jack, he was my favorite creepypasta❤

  9. i use to have one, i just dont remember the name

  10. Number ten kinda sounds like a demon..

  11. Lol Ayman bloopers 🤣

    my imaginary friend story. I moved from Los Angeles to lake view terrace( boonies of San Fernando) . I had no friends and was pretty much latchkey kid and sheltered till junior high years. then one day I have no idea how this wind up skeleton toy was in my possession. I am Still not sure if it was real because family doesnt remember me having the toy and I only spoke about it once. It was not dangerous and we would always do childish things outdoors playing in mud instead of doing yard work or break things by taking them apart with granddads tools just to reassemble. His name was Sam the skeleton. I never played indoors with the skeleton toy Sam. It was always outside. He disappeared the same year nightmare before Xmas came out. And I like to think that was Sam manifested himself into jack skellington. I often pictured Sam in my head that way. Minus the snazzy suit jack skellington wore. I never saw Sam after that movie came out but I never miss a year watching the movie either.

  12. Ayman you is my imaginary friend …

  13. I am so lonely I made an imaginary family

  14. My imaginary friends were stand ins for my emotions.

  15. my imaginary friend had a wife and ten kids. then they all got run over by a pepsi semi truck and died. then I didnt have imaginary friends anymore.

  16. I've had an imaginary friend, her name was Angel and she would tell me to do things I myself would never think of doing I remember having a dream of my brother getting into a car accident and while that happened I could see Angel laughing I woke up but I shrugged it off, a week later I got token out of school to know a few minutes later my brother was in the hospital because of a car accedent. But i still have the same dream of the car accedent.

  17. i dint know laughing jack has rows of sharp teeth, hes better than pennywise but imma pick 2 of them

  18. I used to pretend to have an imaginary friend but I never actually did have one.
    So, an imaginary imaginary friend.

  19. I used to have an imaginary friend who got run over and only had the top half of her body. Her name was tracy. I played with her a lot until when I was around 8 years old. But before that, sometimes I would stomp around in my parent's oversize shoes, and in the middle of the night my parents would hear clomping in the living room. Idk why a bottomless ghost would do that, but maybe tracy is real?

  20. Laughing Jack is also a creepypasta

  21. Never had an imaginary friend, just recurring dreams.

  22. Are you sure she wasnt seeing and hearing people that actually were there and in our reality they werent there? Shes smart.

  23. Arent all imaginary friends ghosts.

  24. I'm 10 and have like 20 imaginary friends UwU

  25. Bruh mine was a ferret

  26. I didn't have an imaginary friend but this is a fun and creepy video

  27. I always forgot my imaginary friends names. thats why i had a new one every time

  28. I don't have any imaginary friends because they all left cause I'm a loser.

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