TOP 10 | INCREDIBLE Blind Auditions of WINNERS in The Voice

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best winners of The Voice from around the world! Going back to the moment it all started: The Blind Auditions!

Watch part 1:

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🚨 This video features the following performances:
1. Ive Wuyts sings “Tenerife Sea” (2019, Belgium)
2. Judah Kelly sings “Tennessee Whisky” (2017, Australia)
3. Chevel Shepherd sings “If I Die Young” (2018, United States)
4. Atanas Kateliev sings “Master Blaster” (2019, Bulgaria)
5. Mo Adeniran sings “Iron Sky” (2017, United Kingdom)
6. Enguun Tseyendash sings “Runnin” (2018, Mongolia)
7. Novem Htoo sings “Spit It Out” (2019, Myanmar)
8. Jim van der Zee sings “Amar Pelos Dois” (2018, Netherlands)
9. Tony Gordon sings “You Are So Beautiful” (2019, Brasil)
10. Natia Todua sings “I Put A Spell On You” (2017, Germany)

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  1. 13:25 the voice from? Anyone?? Very incredible voice.

  2. Sorry, but the first 3 auditions are being far from being incredible.

  3. the first blind audition made me cry and miss my boyfriend so bad😭😭😭

  4. Guy who did slipknot a goat

  5. That strong old man voice is hard to beat at its best

  6. The Best.. Slipknot.. Dress like a Ip Man..

  7. someone know the name of the song in 13:18?

  8. Claudia Emmanuela Santoso😍

  9. First one, Terenife Sea–Love this version! Much better slowed down; better than the original! Beautiful!

  10. didn’t expect the first guy to sound like that. quite impressive

  11. que bosta esse pastel de flango gritando, kkkkkkk

  12. In the second audition is the judge Kerry Washington?? That scandal show

  13. brazilian dude. what! #respect

  14. Ibe, you gave me chills. Your the best for me

  15. O brasileiro cantando a música do Joe Cocker foi muito bem – tem uma voz muito forte, lembra mais o timbre do Louis Armstrong que de Joe Cocker. Gostei!!

  16. The first is the best

  17. Eles tem que trazer mais do The Voice Brasil ! ❤ B R

  18. tbh the american compared to all the other winners just fell short.

  19. Best of The Voice This is a Amazing upload and awesome Channel thank you for putting all the hard work in creating this…I hope my small talent show channel can reach as many people one day like your channel does everyday You are a Inspiration….Keep up the great work….A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+

  20. The first one… Amazing!

  21. omg Tony's voice is like silk

  22. Okay but the third girl bring back that 2009 vibe

  23. Honestly couldn't listen too number 7 for another minute would give me migraine

  24. Mo is by far my favourite love his voice 👌

  25. Judah made me cry. So beautiful

  26. mo always gives me the chills, no matter how many times i've seen his audition

  27. love the SLIPKNOT,didnt expect that.

  28. The best is:
    Maelle – The Voice France

  29. El 1 el 2 el 8 y el 9 me encantaron bravo a todos y gracias pos hacernos disfrutar de esas voces

  30. 👍👏👏😘❤️

  31. 👍👏👏😘

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