Top 10 Illegal Cards in YuGiOh

In Yu-Gi-Oh they’ll occasionally print cards which have the text in the bottom left-hand corner of them that state they cannot be used in real duels. Usually these cards are given as prize cards to players who win events, and in this video will go over the 10 best illegal cards, i.e. card that you’re not allowed to put in your deck, and don’t appear on the banned list because these cards are permanently forbidden.
–This list–
10- Chimaera, the Master of Beasts
9- Legendary Dragon of White
8- Sakyo, Swordmaster of the Far East
7- Creator of Miracles
6- Masahiro the Dark Clown
5- Get Your Game On!
4- Winning Formula
3- Card of Last Will
2- Creator of Hope
1- The Seal of Orichalcos
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Some of the Video backgrounds in this video were made by “Amitai Angor AA VFX”
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  1. The first reason at @1:29 doesn’t make any sense; if you could get to that game state with any level of consistency, you could just win that way with any big tribute monster

  2. the creator of hope card is technically Shining Draw as it lets you pick any card from your deck and draw it instantly

  3. You actually cannot concede a duel if your opponent refused to, instead you need to concede the whole match if you really need to concede, as the rule book does not mention you can concede, that’s why Victory Dragon is meta in 2006.

  4. can someone plz explain to me if their Illegal why do they exist?

  5. How is card of last will broken lol. There are more broken cards that are legal

  6. Top 10 cards whose effects are completely different from their anime version (akin to Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon who has a radically different effect from its anime ver to the real world ver)

  7. Fun fact, that seal of orichalcos was made exclusively for 15 employees of upper deck entertainment, the company that previously made yugioh cards,and it is one of the most rare cards in the game

  8. 12:48 isnt that astril shining draw

  9. I never realized the potential of victory dragon, used to laugh at it..

  10. So with winning formula,creator of miracles, creator of hope will turn you into yuma

  11. I have a deck that runs the seal of Orichalcos (the legit version). its a casual deck with no extra deck (so lock out of nothing, yay me???) and its destroy special summoned monster you control on activation saved me once, Clutch draw against an Ojama deck that cluttered my field with, you guessed it, Ojama tokens. granted that dealt me 1500 dmg but at least I could get rid of those token. Fun times.

  12. every other game : u lost , rematch ?

    yugioh : u lost , now give us the soul and die

  13. I didn't uderstand the effect of "if this card attack directly and reduces your opponent's lives point to 0 you win the match"
    Can somebody please explain this for me?

  14. No, no, no. You don't get to use your Spell/Trap Zones as Monster Zones. You clearly get 5 Extra Zones, so you get 12 Monsters and 5 Spell/Trap cards if you play right.

  15. I like love the idea of the Seal of Orichalcos. Your opponent will have to surrender their soul to you if you win! Obviously they can’t do that, but imagine if that meant that the victor had the ability to give a single command to the loser that they can’t deny. A lovely way to spice up game night!

  16. They make a get your game on! Card but not a its time to du du du dadada duel?…

  17. Cant steal my soul if I murder my opponent first

  18. So you're saying that I can win a duel with a Super Saiyan 3 Blue Eyes White Dragon just by having a dragon monster as one of the materials when I attack my opponents life points directly. Nice…

  19. I really hate that the match winning cards have really good artwork. It means we never get to see them.

  20. I think Yami Marik has used this 'card of the last will' when duel on a blimp…

  21. Little Kid plays Get you Game on!
    Me: Uh……….JUDGE?!

  22. Is that star trek music?! Awesome!

  23. >mfw Creator of Miracles effect

    That's like an OVA card they would give to the people at the local theater who paid to watch a Theatrical Yu-Gi-Oh movie. You couldn't have made that any easier to summon if you tried.

    Masahiro the Dark Clown reminds me a lot of the cards Copycat or Doppleganger.

    Also Get Your Game On is the dumbest fucking card I have ever heard. It like Aster and Jaden busted into Kaiba Corp after smoking crack and told Kaiba the most absurd idea of a Card they could think of and when he told them "fuck no" they went and made it anyway.

  24. Master Rule 5: If you lose the duel, you lose your soul

  25. That Sakyo would be great, since his LV 10 scale is generic, so I can pendulum summon almost everything

  26. So basically folks only The yugioh cast/character can use the illegal/banned cards lol.

  27. Masahiro the Dark Clown could be reworked into a legal card (meme wise)

  28. Thanks for sharing,

  29. If Creator of Miracles was legal and everyone was running it, I would just do all my dueling in the library since shouting isn’t allowed there.

  30. I thought there would be the timelords or most of zarc's cards😂

  31. The Seal is impervious to removal? But can't you just activate another Field Spell to get rid of it?

  32. If you lose with the seal, you give your opponent your shoes. That way you give your opponent your sole.

  33. I’m gonna tell my kids that the original Seal of Orichalcos was forbidden cuz it was considered a weapon

  34. All of these cards can be used to duel your friends. All you have to do is agree on being able to use them. That’s the thing about unofficial duels. You make the rules and ban list yourself.

  35. Sucks that matchwinners require the "0 LP" stipulation.

  36. Spongebob: Give me your soul!
    Squidward: Oh Puh-lease! I have no soul!

  37. Is dueling on Duelingbook an official duel?

  38. 14:11
    I know how enforce that rule

    Step 1 get a witch doctor
    Step 2 witch doctor tell you what to do
    Step 3 oh e oh oh aWana Bing bang

    And it that simple

  39. Going do top 10 duel monsters use in venomary rule set?

  40. I'm confused about victory dragon.

    I get they don't want it to have a match winner but it's needs 3 tributes which is slow as hell and it has no protection from card Effects so it's easy to stop.

    Pretty sure most decks would win before victory dragon gets on the field.

  41. Glad that the Seal of Orichalchos isn't legal or else Konami would be bankrupt by every player loosing their soul by now

  42. Lol for "get ur game" on what if thats the players birth year

  43. 5:34 Where can I get this card I want it N O W

  44. Card of Last Will would combo super well with the Salamangreat field spell.

  45. I still to this day sometimes shout "I'm feeling the flow" at my opponents before OTKing them

  46. Imagine setting up a huge board with like 10+ monsters 6 negates and a extra link…. Then lose to Exodia

  47. Isn’t “life points to zero, you will win the duel” dumb and obvious? Of course you’ll win

  48. If Get Your Game On was a legal card, everyone would have a play set and be running E-Heros because it makes every E-Hero basically a boss monsters, because all the E-Heros would have over 3k attack

  49. Don't call me out. I wasn't subbed but now I am 🙁

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