Top 10 Horrors Of Being Invaded By The Assyrian Army

Top 10 Horrors Of Being Invaded By The Assyrian Army

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  1. LMFAO You simping mofo. “The women had it worse.” Forced to walk around naked and led off into slavery is not worse than being flayed alive, impaled, or having eyes and limbs torn off, etc.

  2. These horrors are the source of sayings like “fight to the death” and “you won’t take me alive”.

  3. They killed all the women and raped all the men?

  4. Lightweight history for morons.

  5. All that being said. They still my fist favorite ancient people's or society. No shades or grey amazingly efficient and passionate. Kinda seems civilizations like this one being the earliest one I know.
    Like the Assyrians, the Vikings the Huns . Short or long lived.
    Seems to come along and really shows us to never, never, dare (Worse).😊✌

  6. Humans are the most despicable organism out there

  7. Germans ww2. Russians 1917-1991. Cambodians under Pol Pot. Chinese under Mao. Mideast and NK today.  Black Africa.

  8. The curse of the Middle East

  9. Sounds pretty much like Nazi Germany , modern day Assyria .

  10. Syria, a land of milk and honey. Where reason reigns supreme. And the power of goodness has never been doubted.

  11. They have been doing this for so long I'm amazed they haven't murdered each other out of existence.

  12. Now the adulterous woman is rewarded and allowed to cut off the husbands balls. At least it's like that in america.

  13. They took the whole entire population of Israel into exile and now the children of Israel are lost to history. The assyrians were eventually conquered and they migrated to Germany. No wonder the germans are so war like. German men's man of war.

  14. Psyops before 1965.

  15. Hey, OMG Facts I really like your program it's well made no thrills, factual , informative and always interesting, I am unsure if you have made one on this topic, but a really interesting topic would be flat earth just looking into the arguments and the actual science behind both sides, and you can be an independent and give say 5 of the main reasons people believe from either side. I happen to believe that the globe is an actual lie and still a crime in progress,I believe we should honest and transparent in all things , so I am asking this because I know if somebody is truly independent and shows it in a balanced and fair objective way more people will wake up to it. I think we are getting closer to critical mass, because it seems the algorithms are letting up a bit on some of the channels that are normally really heavily censored. The Assyrians wouldn't censor somebodies free speech , actually they would be a bastion of virtue compared to the tyranny of today. Anyway thanks again.

  16. Christian Assyrian here

  17. For ages, over 95% of the world practiced slavery.
    Many times more people of color practiced the most
    cruel forms of slavery than did the white Caucasians.
    The white Caucasians were the last race to practice
    slavery and the first race to condemn slavery and
    exit the practice. The white Caucasians also did
    more to end slavery in the world than all other races
    Blacks for Trump!

  18. I'd pick up my guitar and play. Just like yesterday. Then in the darkness of my room each night, I'd get on my knees and pray. Man's wrath has no chance against the father's.

  19. It is very doubtful to think that Assyria invented all of those horrors. It makes more sense to believe that they were more honest than the other powers, and than we can be

  20. These guys would have made fantastic Muslims! Praise Allah (Satan).

  21. If you can't goet someone to read the script, don't use this ridiculous machine voice. It doesn't speak the sentences correctly.

  22. And nothing has changed.

  23. It's nice to know humanity has moved on from this plague, what were we thinking??

  24. So nothing much has changed in the Middle East..🤔😂😂😂😂

  25. they all gone, empires always rise and fall, there is hope people, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  26. This makes the Mongols look cuddly

  27. Christianization is the solution this people were convert by the Apostles Disciples but in the 7th century they got invaded by Islamic and return to their barbaric belief again.

  28. There is definitely a hell here and in the here after.

  29. It seems like being terrorists is in the blood of people from the middle East.

  30. With people so savage, how can their society be called a civilization?

  31. Was taught they were horrific back in grade school ….over 50 years ago . When I heard the (As)Syrians were becoming " refugees " I though this won't turn out well !!!

  32. They haven't changed much

  33. Puts feminism into perspective and makes domestic violence seem acceptable.
    Putting females in power is the start of the end of humans.

  34. The women had it so much worse says the narrator! They were forced to march with their skirts pulled up over their heads. The lucky men were skinned alive. The script must have been written by a feminist.

  35. When governments deny Almighty God, and bow down to other gods then they become the very demons they bowed to. Assyria then, and today ISIS. …….Do not fear them. Fear God who can destroy both soul, and body in Hell.

  36. From one of the most powerful and most militaristic people the world had ever seen to a persecuted minority today due to their Christian faith. They really need to revive again and fight as they ancestors once did. Truly a people of such an ancient civilization can't let Islamic fanaticals take over their native land.

    Come on Assyrians, show the world that you still have it in you.

  37. So now I know where Isis Nazis Chinese Mayans North Koreans Russians Soviet union rather and let’s not forget basically all of Islam have gotten their ideas from the devil himself Satan. You must understand everyone on these cultures I have mentioned here have done the same exact types of things to people they considered to be their enemies. This again demonstrates how the rich and powerful use the middle class and the poor to gain more wealth and power ,then the middle class and poor have to suffer with the consequences of their deeds. I guarantee you if socialism ever takes root in America the same atrocities will be carried out by the socialist evil left . remember LEFT always has ment wrong unnatural and ungodly , RIGHT has always means correct ,natural ,the correct way to do things , to be godly.

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