Top 10 Horror Video Games of All Time

MojoPlays tried all of the games on the list. See our very own Rebecca Brayton team up with JustJesss and play through all 10 entries!

Top 10 Greatest Horror Video Games!
When the fate of our fears are in our own hands. The tension it creates, may be the greatest cause of game overs. For this list, we’ll be looking at what are generally considered to be the greatest and most influential horror video games of all time and ranking them based on their legacy. For the sake of variety, we’ll only be including one game per franchise. But if you like what you see, be sure to head on over to MojoPlays, where Jess and Rebecca are playing each of these titles. Which one of these games is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Ranking the best horror games of all time was an enormous amount of fun! See Rebecca and Jess play all the games on this rank over at MojoPlays!

  2. The creepy talk sounds more like sexy talk

  3. Eternal Darkness was based on HP Lovercraft not EA Poe x

  4. What? No mention of resident evil biohazard?

  5. Wow your voice was so annoying in this and making dead space no 10 is shocking it should at least 3 and out last 2

  6. Can you speak more quickly?

  7. I will definitely agree about Silent Hill, but Alien Isolation sucks.

  8. Why does "The Suffering" always get forgotten or overlooked when people talk about Horror games!? Seriously a way underappreciated game! That game is way more atmospheric, psychological, and unnerving as most of the other stuff on this list yet it didn't even get an honorable mention when something as trash for horror as "F.E.A.R" did!? One of my most disagreed Top 10 lists from this channel! I usually don't get so annoyed with any of your lists but not having "The Suffering" or "Siren" or "Clock Tower" or even something like "Lost In Vivo" or "Visage" although still in early access even get acknowledged is ridiculous!

  9. You guys should have this guy narrate more horror based content. The chilling voice is perfect 👌

  10. If Silent Hill 2 isn't number 1, Watchmojo has to take the L

    Edit: Good

  11. If we’re talking inspirational why wasn’t there a slender game on here? Didn’t that inspire horror games for a decade or more?

  12. No mention of Illbleed

  13. Games with loot box, now thats scarier than other

  14. I played amnesia like the game asks you to do, in a dark room with earphones and the friggin thing gave me visual and auditive hallucinations that lasted 3 days after that playing session, never played it again.

  15. Until dawn in my opinion should’ve just been an honourable mention, it’s not really well, scary

  16. Scp wasent even in honorable mentions that game is terrifying

  17. God, this guy's narration is the worst…

  18. I find Fatal Frame 1 and 3 to be scarier than Silent Hill 2. But for me, Silent Hill 1 is still king in the Horror genre, it was scary as hell in '99, and it holds up today, maybe not gameplay wise, but in the atmosphere and psycological terror it causes.

  19. There is no way Dead Space is so low. Should be in the top 3… easy.

  20. Placing until dawn of all things on this list no joke is one of the stupidest things I've seen. It isn't even a good game period and placing it on a pedestal for having cheap jumpscares after cheap jumpscares is ridiculous

  21. Your voice here is irksome. But the game choices are good.

  22. HELL YEAH!!! Until Dawn was awesome, especially for fans of cheesy 80’s slasher movies like me!

  23. Where the hell is the evil should be on the list

  24. Dead space on number 10. gonna be kidding me.dead space should be higher on the list

  25. Silent Hill 2 had the best story ever

  26. I never knew Mr.Robot was a character in Until Dawn

  27. The narrators voice was so bad that i was happy this video had ads so i would get a break from it…..its honestly the only way i made it through the video…..

  28. How could U forget Doom 3?

  29. Outlast was fucking amazing. One of my favorite games.

    Edit: and Little Nightmares too!

  30. Finally, a new narrator for Watchmojo. I can now die in peace.

  31. How is 50 nights at Freddys on here but not The Evil Within?!! The Evil Within deserves a place on this list!!!!

  32. The only one I agree with was number one for Silent Hill 2. That was a game I grew up playing.

  33. where tf is silent hill shattered memories and and RE7! RE2 isn't even scary

  34. I think because of the old graphics in silent hill 2 there is no way its the scariest. Maybe a remastered version

  35. Outlast 2 is way more scary than the first one

  36. Damn I'm falling asleep. Not even gonna watch the whole video. For the love of whatever just don't ever let this guy present any more videos. Put him in the basement somewhere where he doesn't have to talk.

  37. Resident evil 2 is much better and scarier that silent hill 2.

  38. Bendy and the ink machine should be an honorable mention on this list

  39. The Voice of the narrator is dark and that adds the creepiness on this video

  40. 9:42


    For a minute there, I thought you were actually serious with Five Nights at Freddy's being at #1!


    You got me good!

    Happy Halloween! ^_^

  41. Hope they bring back silent hill neither its will remake or new chapter, the first horror game that make me really bring nightmare well i thought classic horror game like "the house" is already scary but when i play silent hill ALONE damn i cant sleep like 2 day becuase i too scary to close my eyes

  42. The guy in the left of the thumbnail kinda look like eson the searcher from the MCU

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