Top 10 Horror Games

Join Tom, Sam, and Zee as they share their ten favorite games with horror themes!!

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  1. TANHAUSSER comming from the grave… what a dream!

  2. If anyone watches to the end of the video…I am sorry for the nightmares that ensue.

  3. you guys don't like Letters From Whitechapel or you don't think it's a horror game?

  4. Glad to see Sub Terra make someone's list. Game is great and gives a real feeling of impending doom when you play.

  5. SH 1-4
    Fear series
    Amnesia the Dark Descent
    Outlast 1 & 2
    Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
    RE CV
    Metro 2033
    Saw 1 & Flesh and Blood
    Evil Within 1 & 2
    Friday the 13th The Game
    Fatal Frame series
    Dead Island
    Siren Series
    Clive Barker's Undying
    Parasite Eve 1 & 2
    Dead Space 1-3
    RE2 Remake

    Are my fav Horror Games 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🕷

  6. The only scary of Ghost Stories is that the game beats ou on round 4 or less 😀 😀 😀 To this day it is in my shelf sitting and waiting some brave heroes to challenge it 😀 // I haven't read any tactics on the internet //

  7. Obviously not their Genre. Missing "Deep Madness", "Nemesis", "Alone"…

  8. The Others is a Great movie!!!

  9. I couldn't watch this video all the way through because the man with the mask was just too distracting.

  10. I'm still a fan of Nightfall.

  11. Horrified is a really fun game. The game did an amazing job of capturing the feel and aesthetic of the Universal Monsters. Even the civilians are characters from the Universal films. The mechanics are good and challenging. Sam good call on Dreamscape. That had Dennis Quaid in it. Can't believe they didn't know the film.

  12. Would you please change the thumbnail. Everytime it pops up my kids get scared. Thanks!

  13. Only zombie game I got is axis Allies n zombies. But Ghost Stories looks like fun.

  14. best top 10 ever!…the clown mask killed it

  15. I missed Deep Madness!! A recent KS game with some fun dynamics like oxygen running out etc…

  16. After the long discussion at the end I really think he has a point putting pandemic into his first place.

  17. Campy Creatures ftw

  18. Ironically, I think the game that evokes the most real fear/terror, is Pandemic.

  19. The bloody inn is based on real events that happened in the peyrebeille inn in France… somewhat 50 people were killed and robbed

  20. Abomination definitely deserved a spot on this

  21. Letters from whitechapel

  22. Last friday

  23. Deep madness

  24. Yo…Zee is honestly freaked out by some of these masks 😅😂

  25. I missed "Perditions Mouth" and "Nemesis"

  26. @Tom Diggy Doggy Hole is a brilliant song.

  27. I'm with all of you, I cannot watch Horror movies 😱

  28. In Carnival Zombie: Second Edition all the heroes and bosses will have standees AND minis; you can use whichever you like. The zombies do need to be cubes because of the gravestone dropping mechanic, though.

  29. Deep Madness would take the top spot for me. It replaced Mansions of Madness, because I think the app actually distracts me from the experience.

  30. Darth Tenebrous is disappointed.

  31. I would add Pandemic Reign of Cthulu, It's Alive, Student Bodies and Humans! Great video guys! Thanks!

  32. I missed the one about the the village were some of the players are werewolfs and the werewolfs kill the villagers at night and during the day the villagers kill one other villager who they think is a werewolf.

  33. Zombie farm animals? Sounds like someone has been watching Black Sheep (2006).

  34. One of the best Top 10 episodes, loved the masks! And also seeing how Sam got anoyed by Vasel’s Masks. Awesome guys!

  35. It looks a bit cartoonish, but definitely Camp Grizzly. It's Friday the 13th as a board game. Nothing is more frightening then running through the camp with the killer on your trail and the other players decide to save themselves leaving you behind to die so they can trigger the finale.

  36. Possessed farm animals? Zee should watch “Black Sheep”! 🙂

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