Top 10 Home Studio Recording Mistakes

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After you have built a worthy home studio, there are still a few things to consider. Check out my top 10 Home Recording Mistakes and hopefully you can avoid them.

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How To Build a Home Studio

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  1. Highly knowledgeable, good information and none of it seems to be misled or incorrect.

  2. Nice speaker placement. Mixing with KRKs in the corner of an untreated room I'm sure it sounds great. People really need to watch whom they take advise from.

  3. Great tips especially the buffer size tip

  4. "Aye mayne, look at this video"

  5. Need some LUFS love in your stool scenes.

  6. Distrokid got me 13 cents. Thank the internet for screwing up the music industry

  7. I went to a engineering school SAE in chicago (biggest waste) u said everything in here that i learned within a whole year the school was no help and a waste of money a straight scam for all my ppl who wanna be engineers this video is quality information he knows what the fuck he talking bout Take notes fr this is important info real life

  8. Lmao luv dis dood

  9. Wayne what about Pro Tools Low latency option Versus in DAW routing for monitor playback to the artist. Which do you use and prefer?

  10. that intro aint it 🥴😂

  11. 39 people that disliked this have doo doo mixes

  12. Yo, everything you're saying is accurate man, I know you make good mixes, but you should get outta that corner. You probably have plenty of other studios you work in too, but you should let these engineers know that they should avoid those at all costs, because of the frequency reflections. Thanks for all the good advice man, much respect!

  13. How can you give advice from an untreated room and a studio that's shoved in a corner?

  14. a guy with a Mac and 2 monitors try to teach me how 2 mix xD … very funny clip .. indeed!

  15. I appreciate this video. Very helpful

  16. 1, input gain to loud
    2, output gain to low
    3, having the microphone facing backwards
    4, H/W buffer size too high
    5, mic too close to the a wall
    6, mono vocals on sterio track
    7, beeing to close to the microphone
    8, too much room noise
    9, too much compresion or EQ
    10, not using your ears but only your gear

    great video man! thanks for the tips

  17. Wayne.wav is a brilliant name

  18. Why you aint got no room treatment

  19. Also I just have a interface. Do I need a preamp?

  20. How do you set it to -6

  21. Check out yungin from South Africa

  22. Subcribe to my channel stream my. Music in spotify restless 4k

  23. Could you not describe gain staging as a concept so peeps can transfer this across their workflow and gigs?

  24. Friend: it don’t sound mixed good

    Me:it’s uh lofi

  25. tip 2 can be solved in fl just clean the noise in edison

  26. Your content is excellent! Cheers bro!

  27. What about Studio one 4 is that good?

  28. I’m using that same interface mines work but for some reason o can’t get any input or sound I changed slot of things can you help me get it back set up

  29. I promise you I’m the next to blow out of ATLANTA

  30. Damb my Mic was really facing Backwards haha fml

  31. Great job bro. Is the console an avid thing? I guess its like reaktor/native instrument. I use FL. I worked with protools 9 in the past and still have it. However, it gets complex for at times and I find FL way easier. But protools is dope. The 9 cant work on my Imac with new update so its on the macbook/laptop

  32. Seriously, what are your monitors called?? I’ve been looking all over the internet to find those rokits…

  33. If you recording with the mic backwards then this ain’t for you.. LIG it

  34. If you’re not using your ears, and you’re relying on your gear, you’re gonna play yourself somewhere. BARS! FACTS!

  35. very informative …thanks bruh–good look!

  36. tip three kinda helpful but not really lol

  37. Appreciate the tips!

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