Top 10 Hilarious Games

Join in as the fellas list their favorite ten games that make them laugh!!

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  1. Your videos are now painful to watch.

  2. Will say I was surprised no one mentioned Red Dragon Inn. Similar to Sheriff, role playing is a must. And of course a drink or two.

  3. Sam flipped his board,
    Me: That was cool
    Sam: That was cool

  4. Suggestion for a top 10!

    Top ten "if you can't get…" games!

    There are a lot of games out there that have become grail games that people want to play but can't get their hands on. But, mechanics and themes return and evolve, and sometimes, that other more widely available game is better anyway.

    For example:

    If you can't get "Star Wars: Queen's Gambit," get "Star Wars: Risk"

    If you can't get "Chaos in the Old World," get "Blood Rage."

    If you can't get "Hero Quest," get "Arcadia Quest."

    While it would require you guys to identify 20 games or so, rather than just 10, I think it'd be a pretty unique, fun and informative list!

  5. The funniest game hands down is I'm The Boss from Sid Sackson. It's particularly funny when you have an unfair player. That game is a riot every time I play it!

  6. Kun-Fu Fighting and Dungeon Fighter could be on the list!

  7. Red Dragon Inn. Me and my friends laugh so hard everytime we play it.

  8. Good video I hope you follow the channel I subscribe games play Mix

  9. Whenever I play Telestrations, I love to draw what was written perfectly and then add random stuff on the page as well

  10. Clamk! should of been on this list

  11. Would have thought someone had Camel Up on their list. 6 Nimmt is another one that often produces laughter, usually just after someone else's painful groan. But my top pick by far: KLASK!

  12. I don't get Sheriff of Nottingham. Maybe we played with the wrong rules? Seems like an arbitrary pick by the Sheriff every time and you're just convincing him/her? Maybe this time I'll smuggle or maybe I won't, oooohh, I wonder what crazy things will happen.

  13. Laughed harder than I have in a long time playing 7th Continent last night…

  14. My most funny moments in a game was when we played pocket odyssey.
    One player decided to run from monsters pouring oil on the floor and he got all the rolls repeatedly successful even for other players and himself.
    I am surprised that this game almost never get the recognition it deserves.

  15. We played Kingdom Death: Monster last night and laughed a lot. But I wouldn't go that far to call it hilarious.
    Maybe this list depends to much on unique situations…

  16. I'm very curious about how there is consistent, regular love for Time's Up on this show, but never (as far as I can recall, at least) a mention of Monikers…

  17. The Just One joke was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT 😀 😀 😀

  18. Damn that intro music… Don't remember where I heard it.

  19. Say Anything's great. It also works really well when you play it but use Cards Against Humanity question cards instead of the Say Anything questions. Either way the ability to write your own answers is definitely a step above having canned answers on the cards.

  20. My best moment in magical athlete,
    I had a friend make an infinite loop and still lose.

  21. Tied for first place for me are Telestrations and RoboRally. Telestrations definetely with more than 8 players. After quite some gap the third is Galaxy Trucker.
    Telestrations is played at every party-like occasion for us. We also have some house rules: First, no scoring (obviously). Second, too easy words are banned for being too boring (butterfly and chandelier being two of them). Third, the people who are good at drawing or who are labeled good at drawing by others may not use symbols (like + and arrows).

  22. Bring out your dead 😀 Also, Scarf Mangler 🙂

  23. I still remember how Zee was shot like 7 times in a row in Colt Express game during a marathon 😀

  24. I play concept without scoring, but not telestrations. In my group it doesnt hang together because theres no obvious "aha" moment that you get in things like Times Up Title Recall or Concept. I like the scoring not because of the score but because it gives a bit more structure. Each to their own, but I am guessing im not on my own scoring telestrations without having missed the fun and hilarity of the game

  25. When will this 24-hour special be?

  26. Oh Fruck is a game long laugh fest! I listened to my kids and niece and nephew, all 20 somethings, laugh for 2 hours straight playing this game. I was trying to watch a movie but I heard nothing but laughter for 2 hours.

  27. Subtitles 1:49. Somebody says something naughty!!

  28. I really appreciate you all

  29. Our favorites are Telestrations, Snake Oil, Wise and Otherwise, and Cosmic Encounter.

  30. I know you people think that Munchkin is forced laughter. But it WORKS. I love playing it.

  31. I enjoy Zee so much! Laughed a ton on this list. All of you are a joy to watch

  32. 1:10:38 – Roy?!? What the heck game is "Components"? I thought Sam's #8 was "Cash 'n' Guns".

  33. Sam with the puns on #4 (should have been #2) – hilarious!

  34. My top "hilarious" games:
    1) Telestrations

    2) Say Anything

    3) Ladies & Gentlemen
    4) Time's Up: Title Recall

    5) Sheriff of Nottingham

    6) Spyfall

    7) Cash n Guns
    8) Robo Rally
    9) Smash Up
    10) For Sale

    Now, to watch the video to see what comes up on their lists…

  35. Eldritch Horror. The game wants to kill you and it is always funny. Played with a new guy a week ago and he got Lost in Time on turn 1, got Dark Pact because of it which killed him at once in turn 2.

  36. these top 10 are the best part of the channel lol

  37. Galaxy Trucker is a funny game – period! 😉

  38. I agree with Tom, tales of Arabian nights is funny

  39. secret hitler, not even close

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