Top 10 Zoo Escapes

Animals break free from zoos more often than you may think. Rusty the Red Panda, Goldie the Eagle and the San Francisco Tiger Attacks are just a few examples of stories of animals on the loose in the big, wide world. From the daring to the dangerous, and the deadly, WatchMojo is counting down the animals who made it out of their enclosures.

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#10: Rusty the Red Panda
#9: The Bronx Zoo Cobra
#8: Goldie the Eagle
#7: The Tokyo Sea Life Park Penguin
#6: Chuva the Macaw
#5: The Zanesville Incident
#4: The San Francisco Tiger Attacks
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. jawn1977jaws Reply

    I locked my keys in my car… better call Fu Manchu the orangutan locksmith

  2. Diana Jimenez Reply

    You guys forgot the day Judy the elephant escaped from the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City in 1958. She caused quite a havoc.

  3. Little Wolf Reply

    I hate zoos animals weren't born to live in cages for humans entertainment

  4. Hayk Mkrtchyan Reply


  5. Gerald Frederick Reply

    I would like to add a story about Pink Floyd. A flamingo that escaped a place called tracy aviary in Utah back in 1988. Was never recaptured and last confirmed siting was at the great salt lake in 2005.

  6. Weslea Sanchez Reply

    I think Flamingo No. 492 from the Sedgwick County Zoo (in Wichita, KS) should have been on here. It's hasn't been caught since it escaped 14 years ago and is frequently seen in Texas, Louisiana, and Wisconsin. Unfortunately they haven't been spotted in Kansas since their escape.

  7. Anime & Gaming Ent. Reply

    Description #9: The Bronx Zoo Cobra

    Honerable Mentions: The Bronx Zoo Cobra

  8. Margann Laurissa Reply

    I wish you would have had the capybaras escaping from a zoo here in Ontario.

  9. Beast Within Gaming Reply

    Now that's a animation movie right there 3 kangaroos escaping with help from a fox and boar lol

  10. Ally Hosenbokus Reply

    Why are the most dangerous animals not kept in cages? I'm talking about businessmen, lawyers, religion leaders and politicians.

  11. Deion the Don Reply

    I remember that Zanesville one, that was crazy af on the news and on the radio.

  12. Tynesha Claiborne Reply

    Don't they think "fugitive penguin" is a LITTLE excessive?

  13. Chrissie Brewer Reply

    What about Reggie the alligator from Wilmington California

  14. A zebra recently escaped from a circus on to the highway in Germany and was shoot dead by Police

  15. fun fact: when mother wallabys (basically smaller kangaroos) are really scared they take their baby out of their pouch and throw them away so they can run faster

  16. The punisher Reply

    If you see a bald Eagle in a zoo you are seeing the symbol of freedom in a cage

  17. Diana Tumuhimbise Reply

    I mean these animals should be in the wild where they belong. Of course some of them would escape they want to be free

  18. Thomas Zulli Reply

    I heard in that 82 days, the penguin started a life of crime where he evaded capture by a bat and a small bird.

  19. Thomas Zulli Reply

    UH….what about the 1993 incident that saw a troubled youth, a native american employee and a trainer stole a killer whale in the Oregon area. It was last scene jumping a rock wall into the ocean and over the boy…as if he was commanding him to. Though there were rumors he was scene near some islands and by poachers

  20. It makes me sad that humans think they own all life forms and can simply take and cage animals away from there homes , friends and family

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