Top 10 Greatest Japanese Video Game Franchises of all Time

Remember those Zelda titles that were made in the US? Nintendo wants you to forget them

Where to even begin? Japan has been tossing us some of the best gaming franchises of all time. For this list, we’re looking at the greatest Japanese franchises to ever grace the gaming industry. A higher emphasis will be placed on series that are more successful in Japan rather than the West. Some of these games include: Resident Evil, Zelda and Pokemon. Which of these franchises is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Shinji MIKIMI? oh God

  2. I think you forgott Castlevania, silent hill, Banjo kazooie and spyro

  3. Are there any games from the megami tensei / persona series that are on the PC? I have never played these games and I hear that they are good.
    This hype for mario. I won't get it because I'm not interested in candy games for kids. They look like that anyway. Gameplay may be interesting but the design has never convinced me. Mushrooms, princess, plumber. Wait a minute! It was supposed to be a ranking about the best game series, not the most popular! ;D

  4. Why isn't falcom and the legend of heroes franchises not here ? The legend of heroes series also a great japanese franchises game

  5. Here are all the japanese franchises I love: Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Sonic, Pikmin, Smash Bros, Professor Layton, games that features the Mii, Splatoon, Animal Crossing.

  6. Where in the 7 hell is Devil May Cry and King of Fighters????!!!!!

  7. why isn't Tales of games on the list

  8. They should have mentioned DMC and Silent hills in honorable mention.

  9. think I don't hafta watch the rest after that show of blown up chastity of hairness. lmao

  10. There are so many great Japanese video game franchises. Can you guys do another top 10 Japanese video game franchises? Like so they can see!

  11. Where is Devil may cry???

  12. I wish pokemon was #1

    Oops, sorry for spoiling u guys…

  13. No Tales Series????

  14. 00:49 it's mikami not mikimi

  15. Why the fuck isn’t dragon ball z on here

  16. OBJECTION! Where is Ace Attorney?!

  17. First of all: what's wrong with ur shirt bro😂😂
    Secndly:Great vid just gave me what I needed to start these games

  18. Where digimon, yakuza, and dark souls series 😥

  19. Are you fucking serious you don't include shenmue and Yakuza seried.i know shenmue is not much popular but you people should play shenmue which is little similar to yakuza.but story of both series is best one I have ever seen in open world
    Even I liked Yakuza more than GTA series
    Only sad thing is you can't use vehicles and area is short and you can go other side

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