Top 10 Greatest Grand Theft Auto Performances

Be sure to check out the history of the juggernaut that is Grand Theft Auto:

Behind those controversial characters, they’re just actors. And damn good ones at that! For this list, we’re looking at what we consider to be the greatest vocal performances throughout the entire GTA series, including spinoffs and DLC. Which one was your favourite performance? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Who's hyped for GTA6? What city are you hoping it will be based on? In the meantime be sure to check out GTA's history to see how far the franchise as come:

  2. What about the dog that played Chop?

  3. That wasn’t even Young Maylay! Haha that was DJ Krazy Toones. Haha y’all need to do more research.

  4. GTA San Andreas had an all star cast

  5. why is trevor the only gta character that looks like his voice actor

  6. No Ryder or Big Smoke 🤔 WatchMojo 😴

  7. Why no love for GTA III? Michael Madsen, Joe Pantoliano and Kyle MacLachlan to name a few made pretty sweet performances.

  8. Trevor looks a bit like Jack Nicholson in "Shining"

  9. Where is Frank Vincent?

    Salvatore Leone

  10. 1. Ned Luke
    2. Steven Ogg
    3. Ray Liotta
    4. Young Mayley
    5. Samuel El Jackson

  11. Remember when we all use to pretend to be normal like the pedestrians?

  12. Samuel Jackson should be number 1

  13. Ahhh shit here we go again.

  14. Yo what about catalina or the gay dude from with the mixtape and the motorcycle chase gta SA

  15. TBH only CJ or Tommy should be no.1 they layed the groundwork for protagonist in GTA

  16. I pretty sure everyone who watching this video knows about GTA and play every single one of them

  17. Steven Ogg is the best!!!

  18. CJ is and will always be my favorite gta character.

  19. Lamar is one of the funniest mfs ever.

  20. Where is Claude Speed?????

  21. Omid Djalili in GTA? No way

  22. SPOILER ALERT! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Before I see th ending I'm guessing Ray Liotta #3, Samuel L. Jackson, Steven Ogg #1
    Almost got it right
    No Big Smoke, OG Loc ,the Cuban guy was better than Lance in VC!!
    Phil? Roman? Franklin?

  24. Thats 1 tasty burger carl may i have a sip of ur beverage lol

  25. Damnnnn, I never realized that James Woods😂😂

  26. Lamar should’ve been higher😭

  27. GTA 5 is the worst game in the series.

  28. List about characters from gta games including spinoffs. (Gets #10 Lance Vance Gta VC) oh they forgot about VCS again. Why even say spinoffs and DLC if you arent gonna entirely say the name of the 2 games the character is in. Even if its Phil Cassidy who has been in 4 gta games

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