Top 10 Greatest Freddy Krueger Scenes

These are the top 10 Freddy Krueger moments from the hair-raising “A Nightmare on Elm Street” franchise. Even when he’s not slicing and dicing, Freddy Krueger still leaves an impression. For this list, we’re taking a look at the burn-scarred nightmare man’s most iconic moments. From his rematch with Heather Langenkamp in “New Nightmare”, using the infamous NES Power Glove in “Freddy’s Dead”, to his final showdown with Jason Voorhees in “Freddy vs. Jason”, the dream-haunting demon keeps us captivated— when he isn’t totally scaring the daylights out of us. What’s your favorite Freddy Krueger moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. When he voiced Scarecrow.

  2. Among the others movies and adding a Friday the 13th movie. You're going to add in Freddy dead: the final nightmare the worst ever horror movie but not a nightmare on elm Street 5: the dream child? The second worst?

  3. Help yourself fucker is what he said before he threw him into the pool, then he says you're all my children now

  4. The waterbed scene #2 Johnny Depp #1

  5. Where is Freddy's death from episode 4?

  6. Where is the bathtub scene?

  7. Number 6 is my most iconic moment. My sister got all of these movies when she turned 13 and i was 10. I watched them all with her friend. Had some nightmares here and there lol

  8. Honestly a bit surprised the feeding Greta scene wasn’t an honorable mention. I used to have a massive fear of choking growing up and that scene made it so much worse for me. I agree with the first pick though. Yet I think “this is god” should be number 2. Also, NOTHING from Freddy 2 should ever be apart of anything positive

  9. I honestly would love another Freddy kills video XD

  10. The video game kill was bad let's be honest

  11. Robert Englund aka Freddy Krueger the Legend.

  12. “Slicing and dicing”? Do you want the Wendy Williams Show? Lmao

  13. Ever since I was a teen (the early 90's), I have wanted to see a battle royal video game consisting of all the "classic" horror film bad gays made… Freddy Krueger; Jason Voorhees; Michael Myers; Pinhead; Leatherface; Chucky and even Norman Bates and so on.

  14. Even though the sequels sucked, with the exception of 3 and New Nightmare.

  15. Nothing from the 2010 remake?!?!? Clickbait much?! No I don't agree with your picks. There are some good freddy moments in the remake. Like the 'fuck you'- 'oo that sounds like fun' conversation in the final act. Or the pharmacy scene when the isle turns into the boiler room as freddy walks up to nancy. Or even the new addition of micro naps. C'mon msmojo, you can do better

  16. If you don't have ideas about the videos, you can do "top 10 videogame villains who have good reasons"

  17. I’m just going to say it. I enjoy the 2010 remake of nightmare on elm street. Not nearly as much as the original, but I’ve watched it multiple times and can’t figure out why it’s hated so much

  18. Why are there moments from Freddy´s Dead in this list

  19. I first watched nightmare on elm street when I was below or above 10 yrs. old, and I know i should be scared, well i am scared that's for sure, but I am more amazed to Freddy Krueger, maybe because of the great acting and you can't compare him to any other horror villains. He is one of a kind.

  20. what about when we got to see him come out of jessie in lisa's bro's room

  21. I'm 23 and I've never seen any Freddy Krueger movie. Now that I see some scenes, it seems "paranormal activities"-scary to me

  22. Number 1: What the f*cks a Wolverine?


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