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These crooks easily give Disney’s baddies a run for their money. There are Disney villains, and then there are DreamWorks villains, and so much evil in between! Either way, they always get what’s coming to them – but these DreamWorks villains give DreamWorks heroes a workout! For this list, we’re paying tribute to the scoundrels of some of our favorite animated DreamWorks movies and sequels. If you haven’t seen any of these villains at their worst, there WILL be spoilers. Join MsMojo as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 DreamWorks Villains.
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  1. Do you agree with our list? Who do you think are the greatest DreamWorks villains? Let us know below!

  2. Griffinite 101 Reply

    Anyone else think that Fairy Godmother should have been first?

  3. Giovanni Manfredi Reply

    Can we all agree that Prince of Egypt got a little dark?

  4. Rafael Matos Reply

    I don't mind having Lord Shen as #1, because I loved him as a villain. But, why? Why?! Why on Earth is Lord Fuckwad on the top 10, much less on the #2? Shorties with funny names can't possibly outrank villains like Fairy Godmother (the best villain ever on the Shrek franchise) and Drago Bludvisk (I don't know how he ended up on the honorable mentions).

  5. Angel Michaelis Reply

    Don't know why, but when Fairy Godmother says, "Don't point those dirty green sausages at me!" I die laughing. I seriously cannot help it.

  6. Fairy godmother should’ve been number one, she’s levers above that captain chantel lady

  7. oliver jennings Reply

    Dave from penquins of Madagascar need to be at least in honorable mention

  8. Techno Ghoul Reply

    Drago only gets an honorable mention? He’s clearly the best, and possibly scariest looking DreamWorks villain

  9. Darth Tsunami Reply

    Um im sorry Pitch Black at #9? And someone like the Madagascar 3 villian taking the third spot? AW HELL NAH THIS LIST IS BS

  10. Fairy Godmother and Farquaad? What about other Shrek villains Rumpelstiltskin and Prince Charming?

  11. Elizabeth Dingman Reply

    The real number one villain iiiiiiiiiiiisss

    Oscar from shark tale!

    Okay fine Lord Shen is a better one in the sense that we're not supposed to ROOT FOR HIM SCREW YOU OSCAR!

  12. Albert Gongora Reply

    why do you guys always do a lesson you always got to put Shrek twice or another movie or show character with inside the same show or movie twice it's not choose a different villain come on man. Just lazy

  13. If I wasn't a Fluttercord shipper, I would ship Discord himself with Eris 🙂

  14. aurora garry Reply

    I can never remember his name but I reckon the person in httyd3 should be in there or even in honorable mentions

  15. BlazzingLight Reply

    I think the Greatest Dreamworks villain that should've been number one, should be Rumpelstiltckin from Shrek the Final Chapter.

  16. Mae Mitchum Reply

    Our runner up fell short of being first. I see what they did there that’s funny

  17. Mae Mitchum Reply

    Hal Stewart was actually kinda creepy and not a great person before he got turned into Titan. Something one video I watched said he was the definition of a “nice guy” before they were a thing. He wouldn’t accept no as an answer and he felt like Roxane is suppose to love him back and didn’t accept that sometimes the person you like doesn’t like you back

  18. Watching the defeat of Mrs Tweedle has made me realize that she basically died when that big farm door fell on her.

  19. The reason the top 3 had to be Tai Lung, Kai and Shen for me because it fits with Po’s Story, the first movie was power (Tai Lung) the second was mind (Shen and inner peace) and the third was Spirit (Kai and chi)

  20. AITB gacha and roblox Reply

    in my opinion, fairy god mother ahould have been # 1

  21. Dallin Yoder Reply

    I think Galaxhar from Monsters vs. Aliens should've made this list.

    Galaxhar: "There were innocent people on my planet before it was destroyed!"
    Susan: "Look, I'm sorry your planet was destroyed…"
    Galaxhar: "Oh, don't be. I'm the one who destroyed it."

    In other words, he basically committed genocide against his own people.

  22. Jonathan Ybarra Reply

    Before the video: I swear if Fairy God Mother isn't #1

    Edit, she's #4 this list is garbage.

  23. Tristan Mclean Reply

    The fact Farquaud is no2 and Fairy Godmother isnt, is kind bullox.
    Farquad didnt have much of a presence besides a Joke, and making Sherk go get Fiona.
    Godmother on the other hand started the whole true loves first kiss thing, shes a threatening force to Sherk, and she also has a better performance.
    Dont get me wrong, Farquad is good, but not that good.

  24. Monica Solano Reply

    "You've been blessed with unfathomable powers.

    "What kind of power?

    "Unfathomable. It's, uh, without fathom."

  25. Khansterbeam Reply

    Haven't watched the video yet but if Shen from kfp2 isn't at the top I'll be REAL disappointed 😤

    I was about to go MALD. Thank god. Tai'lung is missing tho

  26. Masterzeez G Reply

    Why no Grimmel he wiped out all the night fury’s and sent all dragons in the world into hiding

  27. Kaley Dysert Reply

    Plead Stop puting adds in the middle of videos! No one wants that! This is why no one watches TV anymore! Plead Stop it!

  28. Reign Hayes Reply

    They really gonna try to make RAMESES look like a misunderstood good guy?!? Wtf?!!?! No!

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