Top 10 Greatest Daredevils Of All Time

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We wouldn’t do it, that’s for sure. For this list, we’ll be looking at the bravest, most accomplished, and famous daredevils the world has ever seen. The term “daredevil” is rather loose, but for the purposes of this list, we’ll be including anyone who has willingly performed an extreme or highly dangerous stunt for publicity. Movie stuntmen will not be included, so Jackie Chan will not be appearing on this list, despite his numerous dangerous stunts. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten daredevils in history.

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10. Donald Campbell
9. Reinhold Messner
8. Charles Blondin
7. Annie Edson Taylor
6. Jeb Corliss
5. Joseph Kittinger
4. Philippe Petit

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  1. Check out our featured song: "The Truth" by Standing Eight!

  2. Tom cruise, jackie chan?

  3. Let’s not forget Johnny Knoxville or pretty much the entire jackass crew

  4. And what is with Juri Gagarin? He was the first man in space!!!

  5. Clutch!!!… Nixon!!!!! Psycho in Heaven!!! Angel in Hell!!!

  6. Evel Knievel deserves being number 1 just for the fact his ammount of stunts all being done with zero number crunching safety factors just a bike and a ramp if he lands he lands that's it

  7. Houdini being from WI was asked by Schlitz "the beer that made Milwaukee famous" to escape a barrel of beer he did it yet a woman in the audience passed out cause he took longer then expected

  8. @7:20 I guess #3 is the new #1? absolutely death every try, nothing on this list compares! Alex Honneld maybe …

  9. Taipei 101 is in Taiwan! You're not making money off of China asshats

  10. Taipei 101 is in Taiwan not China.

  11. I would never do any of these things in this list. I love to live please

  12. Why not Alex Holland????

  13. Remember when you posted most cringiest Pete Davidson moments, they legit did this. Like seriously why hey deleted the video.

  14. Hey what's up with Joko and Klaas from Germany? They did everything you can imagine on their show: Das Duell um die Welt, I don't know any Person on this planet who has been through so much shit as Joko and Klaas. By the way, I'm really happy that you included Reinhold Messner on this list, he's a really cool person.

  15. Super Dave Osborne should have made #10 or at least get an honorable mention.

  16. Johnny Knoxville didn’t even get an honorable mention??

  17. Matt Murdock isn't that great, sure he is blind, SO IS THE LAW!

  18. I think I have heard of Annie Edson Taylor's stunt although at the time I didn't know her name but I've heard of the feat and of course Houdini. So many parodies I've seen of that as well. Evel Knievel is a familiar name as well.

  19. Ally lay should have been on the list or at least have got an Honorable Mention

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