Top 10 Great British Bake Off Disasters

The Great British Bake Off tent has seen some incredible drama down the years… but these moments made headlines for all the wrong reasons! For this video, WatchMojo UK counts down the most infamous, unforgettable and unfortunate culinary disasters from the quintessential cookery show, “The Great British Bake Off”. Whether it’s biscuits in the bin, contestants stealing custard or soggy bottoms that are just too soggy… GBBO fans will not be forgetting these mishaps in a hurry!
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  1. one of my fave disasters was at the showstopper and when they where counting down from 10 the wifes gingerbread house colspsed x

  2. If it’s possible to turn a video into an act of endurance, mojo wins hands down!

  3. The lady who took the ice cream out was actually bullied and harassed so much that she left the show.

  4. ‘Pudding’ his pronunciation is so weird. It’s that how people pronounce it?

  5. The only thing I'll add about Bingate is that, once Ian had a minute or two to calm down, he realised by himself that throwing it away was a mistake that he couldn't take back – his upset was understnadable while his actions weren't. Bingate is generally a lesson on how you can deeply hurt people by pure accident, and how in times of crisis you need to take a moment to collect yourself before moving on as best you can.

  6. That baked alaska wouldn't have set in that extra 1 minute, he messed it up from the very start. Contestants make a mess of their foods all the time and still present it and neither Paul or Mary/Prue have too much problem if it simply didn't work and judge the taste.
    Ian threw a tantrum and was eliminated for not presenting anything when he could have just transfered it to a bowl and let them taste the sponge and the melted ice cream.

  7. When he says "charged with making a black forest gatue" it sounds like they're going to jail

  8. I would say that it was a bit dumb for this woman to take the man's custard out of the fridge. It seemed like a stupid mistake.

  9. stupid bitch who removed the icecream from the freezer should have all all her money taken and everything she owns taken and sold, and all the money given to the guy she purposely sabotaged

  10. The last one was definitely sabotaging

  11. "Understandable Tantrum?" Are you kidding me?! Ian acted like a five year old that had just had his candy taken away! Just because it was melted doesn't mean you throw in the trash. You have to present SOMETHING to the judges! Mary was pissed off at Ian. And rightfully so. How many times in this series have we seen bakers have disasters? A lot and all of them presented their baked anyway. Except Ian! It was an accident! As other people have pointed out, Ian stuck up for Diana. He said that they had edited that episode badly, he's the one that acted foolishly not Diana. Not to mention, it was hot as hell that day and the freezers were working overtime. So shut it and stop blaming Diana for the shitty editing, the misinformation, the weather and Ian's sheer stupidity! As for that fiasco over Frances' biscuit tower: Mel never touched the thing. It was unsteady to begin with and Frances knew it. I have always felt bad for Howard. He was always so sweet and gentle.

  12. Your accent is so annoying :)) pronounce pudding properly pls

  13. When I see a Gordon Ramsay advert……

  14. * biscuits merge *
    BISCUITS: We are venom!
    ME: o_O

  15. Eek I remember the one with ian

  16. I watched this entire show lol

  17. I can't stand the over the top voice that this guy has! So annoying!

  18. 2018 rahul has to start again when the heat broke glass and it went in his mix

  19. Who else saw the title, immediately knew the worst moment and skipped to that bit…?

    Just me…?

  20. Ashley, sweetheart, I don't know how to say this, but… that's not how you pronounce 'pudding'

  21. Who on earth pronounces pudding (Poo-ding) as (pud- ing)?? I travel around the uk for work (native born) and i have never heard anyone anywhere pronounce it like that, have i missed a lone village hidden away?

  22. Okay but why the fuck did she take his ice cream out? Was she trying to sabotage him? What a stupid woman.

  23. Tim Dillon brought me here. ITS SO NICE

  24. Rasberry theft should have been #1.

  25. who pronounces 'pudding' like 'puddle' wtf

  26. Barn…………….. biscuits

  27. Where the Hell is the bread from season 7!?

  28. I have never ever detested a person more than I detest Diana.

  29. Bin gate is still infamous lool

  30. If the guy throwing his bake in the bin bc the ice cream didn't set, isn't first, idk what's gonna top that. I was both shocking and hilarious to watch him walk over to that bin, and dump his bake into it…and then to carry the bin to the front, bc he had to present something

    Edit: Thank God it was number one!!! I don't think anything will top that

  31. The way this guy says pudding makes me want to fight him.

  32. 5:30
    What did you say ?….

  33. Poor Ruby! I loved her it was so distressing just watching the cake collapse

  34. Ian was a twat. If he'd presented it and explained the situation, it would've been fine. See Howard and the custard. And we don't even know how long it was out of the freezer for.

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