Top 10 Good Guys Gone Bad In Superhero Movies

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All it takes is one bad day. For this list, we’ll be looking at the heroes and other “good” characters who, for whatever reason, turn to the dark side; either permanently or temporarily. Our countdown will include former good guys from films such as “Watchmen” (2009), “The Incredibles” (2004) & “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (2014). Since some of these involve major plot points, spoilers will be ahead. Who do YOU think is the top good guy gone bad in superhero movies? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. For more great entertainment go to Watch and taste some of your favorite shows.

  2. Dr Curt Connors/The Lizard?

  3. this is how heroes turned into villains in this video!

  4. ''What was that name you used to call me in Internal Affairs, say it, SAYYYYY IT'', that was one hell of a jump scare by the newly formed Two-Face in The Dark Knight, as it made me jump out my skin in the cinema.

  5. The choice of wardrobe being responsible for Syndrome's death is ironic.He had all these great inventions that managed to kill nearly all superheroes,and yet he gets killed by his own cape.Edna Mode was right,NO CAPES!

  6. Can this include Mega Man

  7. Can you do Top 10 dinner nightmares in movies, please?

  8. Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard – The Amazing Spider-Man,
    Chris D`Mico/The Motherf*cker – Kick-Ass 2,
    Max Dillon/Electro – The Amazing Spider-Man 2,
    Obadiah Stane – Iron Man,
    Hal Stewart/Tighten – Megamind,
    Selina Kyle/Catwoman – Batman Returns,
    W`Kabi – Black Panther,
    Victor Von Doom/Dr. Doom – Fantastic Four (2005) and Fant4stic (2015),
    Raven Darkholm/Mystique and Angel – X-Men: First Class,
    Russel Collins/Firefist – Deadpool 2
    and Arthur Fleck/Joker – Joker (2019).

  9. 1:47 I`d disagree with this.

  10. Am I in the minority for saying Ozymandius was Watchmen's greatest hero? The only thing that can make humanity behave well, have world peace, is if the whole world is crapping their pants in terror of a common enemy.

  11. Nice reference to The Killing Joke. Superman in Man of Steel, given his killing General Zod, and cussing IS his dark side.

  12. Number 1: Arthur Fleck

    He only wanted to bring joy to the world

  13. This is bassically a remake of the list Top 10 villians who had justifiable motives.

  14. "You know I'm something like a youtube creator myself"- Beryknm Jones

  15. This dude looks like if Frankie Munez and Johnathan Lipnicki had an offspring 😱🤣

  16. Die a hero or live to see yourself a villain. That’s Bullsh%t!!

  17. Didn’t Winter Solider got brainwashed and redeemed himself?

  18. In DC’s Doomsday Clock # 1 the World knows the truth about Ozymandias’s plan and it was not pretty.

  19. Madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little push

  20. "You either die a hero, or live long enough to watch yourself become the villain."
    – Harvey Dent, Two Face

  21. Why the hell is Brightburn not on this list!?

  22. Is Veidt a villian? ehh

  23. superman turning evil in the third movie was really something I wasn't expecting at all. almost forgot that even happened until I rewatched the movie last year.

  24. Why zemo is not in this list?

  25. Friggin love the Red Hood.

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