Top 10 Goals – Players with Jersey Number 19 – Sane, Werner, Götze & Co.

Long-range goals, free-kick crackers and more stunning hits
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Brilliant goals you simply can’t get enough of, and there’s been plenty of those in the Bundesliga. As part of our “Top 10 Goals” series, we’ve now compiled the best 10 from players wearing the number 19. It includes rapid runs, lethal long-range rockets and lovely lobs, featuring the likes of Leroy Sane, Mario Götze and Timo Werner. Which goal was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Did he just say Leroy Siinnnni I didn’t know that David Attenborough commentated in the Bundesliga

  2. Schlaudraff, Derdiyok and Uth, in this order

    But every goals are wonderful

  3. There should be polls on these videos ( using a card) so the vote results are more accurate. Like so Adminho can see. Also if you’re early comment something like this so it can get to the top of the comments

  4. anyone got a title of the song?

  5. my hero Mario gotze is the best 👏👏👏

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  7. Götze at Bayern:Plays every game
    Götze at BVB:Warms up the bench

  8. I don’t think these rankings are correct

  9. Really liked the bicycle kick?

  10. Where’s sargents goal against Augsburg

  11. My favourite player Leroy Sane

  12. Leroy sane
    Premier league to bundeliga?
    Admin thoughts

  13. When gotze scored Lewandowski be like : common these goals are just like my starters

  14. Who is ur favorite?

    Werner (like)
    Gotze (comment)

  15. Timo Werner is the beeeeeest

  16. Werner played very good.

  17. Please do 'Leroy Sanè – made in the Bundesliga

  18. Final goal 😘, behave yourself!

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