Top 10 Goals of the 2019 NHL Preseason

No strangers to making highlight-reel plays, Mats Zuccarello, Anthony Duclair and Auston Matthews continued to wow with spectacular plays during the 2019 NHL preseason.

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  1. Wilson is a monster. Like him or not he can score and fight anyone he wants

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  3. This is a really bad list

  4. All I was think during this entire thing was were is a New Jersey Goal we has some amazing ones. Number 1 Maltese’s goal against the rangers I jumped up in joy. Go Devils.

  5. Buffalo should just pack it in and sell to a Canadian city.

  6. I hate that Domi got away with that cross check on Duclair

  7. Today… is hockey day! We're so excited 😀

  8. Wheres the Nylander snipe?

  9. Honorable mention to Jack Hughes beating Lundvquist clean in the first 30 seconds of his career


  11. Laukos goal isnt in here? Lol

  12. The disrespect towards milan lucic he should have been #1

  13. what about Pasta’s goal after his hit

  14. Ok so I know the maple leafs have been pretty good for a few years now. But the power rankings got them at #3 I didn’t know they that good. And the power rankings got Ottawa as one of the worst teams in the league with the way they describe them lol. And the last time Toronto was on the ice they got whooped at home by Boston then lost game 7. So I would say well excuse me this is their home opener against that garbage team. I think I’m gonna take Toronto -1.5 and I hope I don’t get screwed. Their last home game in that building was a whooping. They have to bring it in the home opener cmon

  15. 1:04 is he dead or what? normally he's screaming like crazy but now ouch… he need more motivation for this season

  16. what about backstrom's goal from the red line

  17. I think ottawa is gonna surprise people there not the best team but they play hard n duclair has shown good improvement since joining the sens

  18. So Adam Boqvist just doesn’t exist I guess

  19. Domi with the nice gutless crosscheck to Duclair after the goal. This guy is almost as big a rat as Marchand.

  20. in my day guys couldn't shoot the puck outta the air bring back old time hockey amirite? guys?

  21. This felt like an Eastern conference only highlights. Why bother with the 2 from the Jets and Wild?

  22. Domi is really dirty. Gets beat cleanly. Slashing and hooking all the way back and even after Duclair scores, he still x checks him.

  23. I thought Anthony Richard's goal would crack the top 10

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