Top 10 Goals from Week 4 | 2019-20 NHL Season

Week 4 brought us a pair of beautiful plays from the surging Pittsburgh Penguins, a lethal backhand from Denis Gurianov and a goal-of-the-year front runner from Andrei Svechnikov

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  1. The good ole "Michigan"

  2. Svechnikov goal is goal of the year.

  3. Korpisalo got really mad 😂, did i spell that right…

  4. I could watch these clips for hours! Fk all other sports, there's Hockey and NOTHING ELSE!

  5. Andrei copied Hoglander

  6. y are the never any new york islanders

  7. Ok but where in the hell is matthews tip in?

  8. …Crosby has been on the list every week so far, impressive

  9. Where’s matthews tip?

  10. I was at the flyers game. It was amazing

  11. #1 shouldn’t have counted #ChangeMyMind

  12. Finally La Crosse style goal

  13. 3:30
    “Crosby moving on to Crosby!”

  14. It's October 30 more hockey let's go

  15. What effort by Dahlin on Panarins goal

  16. No way was the Hayes goal better than Panarin's steal, fake, shot.

  17. At least one Ranger got in the top 10

  18. Hurricanes are going to make the playoffs after that goal let’s goooooooooooooooooooooo storm surge

  19. That last goal is just like Mikael Granlund's goal against Russia back in 2011, beautiful goal.

  20. when two former blue jackets players made the list

  21. Svech is only 19😳🤭

  22. Man, Don Cherry's gonna eat Svechnikov alive, because of that goal, on Saturday. He doesn't like that kind of stuff.

  23. Svech with the goal of he CENTURY, let’s go SVECH and let’s go CANES!!!!💯🏒🥅

  24. 0:53 wonderful Spaceballs reference there haha

  25. I can see Svech and Milano in the All-Star skills event now. 😂😂👍👍👌👌

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