Top 10 Goals from Week 3 | 2019-20 NHL Season

A pair of between-the-legs beauties from Sonny Milano and David Pastrnak and powerful finishes form Jack Eichel, Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby highlight a skillful week 3 of goals

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  1. Even on replay the Boston announcers are insufferable

  2. Number 6 …really…that one sucked

  3. Great goals and Jack Edwards is a douche

  4. My Captain Crosby. The goal looks similar to one I saw last season. Trying to remember what team it was against. 🤔

  5. That McDavid goal was crazy.
    When you're so damn fast you just overtake the D take the puck and score in 2 seconds.

  6. Yes it’s number 1 for a reason! Never fails!

  7. Rantanan makes it look so easy!

  8. Mikko had the puck on a string

  9. Walks it in and went bareback……..PRICELESS
    The goal was pretty good too….

  10. Between the leg goals arnt that impressive anymore, it happens so often now.

  11. between the legs goals are like a go to move now😂 I like that players are trying these types of things

  12. Went bareback? What do you mean?

  13. The Sonny Milano goal is GOAY

  14. Why were the stars diving everywhere
    It just makes them look bad

  15. Dvorak's ot winner vs the rangers?

  16. At least the Jackets did something this year

  17. Anyone else wanna smack the Boston commentator hard he’s so bias and annoying

  18. Sunny V …goal of the year

  19. Tanger and Crosby with beauties, but damn that Milano is a peach. GOTS?

  20. Why did Pasternak and Malano gotta do em dirty like that??? Just went in raw, no lube

  21. Yesss go Pastaaa >:D 🍝

  22. Pasta on pace for 91 goals

  23. Milano deserves number one

  24. Everybody loves a good list. Something we call can definitely agree on 100% of the time!

  25. 4.49… bareback? Thought this was hockey not porn!! 😂

  26. Crosby goal reminiscing to last year in OT against the Oilers

  27. Love how they didn't show Theo's wicked SO winner

  28. The boston goal should have been #1

  29. Dvorak's goals were nicer than half these goals

  30. Blue jackets going to need all the effort they can get from all 4 lines

  31. We ALL knew what would be #1 this week. Pastrnak tried a decent imitation though.

  32. I think the Turris goal should have been higher, no bias, it was a fantastic shot and there was a great deke beforehand.

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