Top 10 Goals from Week 2 | 2019-20 NHL Season

Kyle Connor doubles up, Jack Eichel makes it look easy and Kaapo Kakko makes his “goals of the week” debut

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  1. Wear was Connor mcdavid's goal vs the flyers

  2. Think this is the first time my Flyers haven't been scored on in one of these videos

  3. The Yotes goal should have been number 1

  4. Waiting for week 3 with Sonny Milano's goal

  5. Where is Chablis goal?

  6. Omg that coyotes Play 😮

  7. Wah? NHL showing the yotes some love has hell froze over?

  8. Schmaltz over Shattenkirk for #1

  9. Where is jack hughes goal
    Oh wait…

  10. Let’s go rangers 🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴

  11. Kakko should be #1 LETS GO RANGERS!!! 🔵🔴⚪️

  12. That Connor Backhand should be #1

  13. I really miss Hronek´s ROCKET :-/

  14. How many bloody times do you need to show the same goal??????

  15. #10… I mean, it just looks like any EA goal. Defensemen just backing up doing nothing

  16. Bro LET'S GO KAKKO is shattenkirk a defensman because he could play forward

  17. Where's Jack Busthes' goal?

  18. Where is Kevin Labanc's goal against Calgary?

  19. How do guys not know that Arvidsson is going between the legs when he does that long drag? It’s the move he does the most..

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