Top 10 Genius Ideas! You may need this!


  1. in the words of maxine aka grandma klump waters. reclaiming my time.

  2. what a load of FUCKING RUBBISH

  3. No1, good No2, good, No3, meh, No4, good No5, huuuh No6, why No7 kinda No8, tip covers or case No9, you didn't show make No 10, we all know No11, only works it it's big enough!

  4. I clicked because I saw the photo they used for the video & thought "that looks very stupid. There's no way that's in the video." After skimming through, I was correct. Nowhere in the video is a bent screw placed in a drill.

  5. Hey dude, where'd you get that russian vice? USSR?

  6. I watched a few…quickly became obvious it was just mostly useless crap so the guy can get paid for all the advertisements in the video…

  7. definitely nothing genius in this video.

  8. Can't see what the gizmo at 5.59 achieved… Please explain, I'm curious :O)

  9. absolutely brilliant particularly the drill stand stuff. tools you cant buy but so simple to make

  10. I don't care about any of this… except 8:41. Like!

  11. Very creative my Russian friend! Screw these hateful liberals in the comments. Don't see them making any videos. Yet they are always the first to criticize. They will claim you forced them to watch your video, just like they claim Russians made us vote for Trump. Bunch of labia majora's can't handle an ass-whoppin.

  12. Anybody with a couple of brain cells will improve on all these ideas then they might just be of some use to somebody.

  13. Pérdida de tiempo….

  14. Your breeding rights have been removed

  15. Haha, great video. Idea for your next one: Top 10 Genius ways to commit suicide! This will come in handy!!

  16. That glove/chisel one is stupid. Now you have to remove them all from the glove just to able to see them all and choose the correct one! That's not "genius", that's just wasting time.


  18. A guy with all new tools, and a clean workshop,,…I don't think so

  19. Great ideas because i mean, we all have welding machines and industrial drilling machines at home, right?

  20. Ok I’m done. Watching you work

  21. I sure as hell don’t need to watch some one work

  22. Because I can do all of that’s

  23. Ok get on with what you are trying to show……..

  24. Who gave this mad lad a workshop???

  25. When you have too much time in your hands and you want keep busy and hide from your wife. Otherwise all these genius ideas can be bought at harbor freight for a couple of $

  26. What the actual fug? You spend waay more time making who knows what then you would actually spend just doing what ever it was you were doing.

  27. Really enjoyed watching that. Some excellent and creative ideas.

  28. I think the word genius should be removed from the title …..what a crock of ?/-;()£@&

  29. …а за тиски- отдельный лайк!!!

  30. My dad had one that we all loved: Anytime anyone would ask, "What's that?" his reply was, "That? – Oh, that's the what-ya-ma-call-it, that sits on the thing-a-ma-jig, that makes the jolly-pop go 'ooh-wah-ooh-wah-ooh-wah-ooh…' (imagine a sick sounding harmonica)

  31. look 👀 this is youtube please they need to band people who put videos on youtube with no words expecting us to decipher what they are doing- sooooooooooop supid

  32. What is the purpose of the roller?

  33. so close, a good strong ceramic magnet on the back of that hold down plate would allow you to reposition any ferrous metal parts you are looking to drill without having to touch the part, rare earth won't work for long as heat destroys them.

  34. The Drill Press Hold Down Caught My Attention.
    I'm stealing the soda bottle screw holders to see if it works for me.
    Some of the other stuff interesting
    The rest I was clueless
    I subbed anyway

  35. Such a wast of time.
    To go through all those process.

  36. A picture may be worth a thousand words, and a video may be worth a million, but a video without words is almost worthless!

  37. I didn't get the roller thing

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