Top 10 Funny IT Chapter Two Cast Moments

These moments make us wish we could join the Losers’ club! We’re taking a look at the best IT Chapter Two cast moments, from playing horror trivia, to impersonating each other, to just being silly in interviews. Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the funniest IT Chapter Two cast moments. Have you seen IT Chapter Two? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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  1. Did no one catch the joke when they said "Gaten, wait wrong cast"?

  2. Roses are Red
    You have a nice Complexion
    Have you ever heard of a Staff Infection???


  4. I’ve never hated the watchmojo voice over this much

  5. Who’s here just to see bill skasgard dressing and talking normally??

  6. Petition for a film where Bill Hader and Andy Samberg are the Dads of Finn Wolfhard

  7. older richie was definetly the funniest person

  8. Literally WHO thinks Bill Hader looks like an adult Finn Wolfhard? Whoooo?!

  9. Sophia Lillis looks way more like Amy Adams than Jessica Chastain.

  10. This video purely exists to bank on our obsession with bill hader

  11. Does Bill Skarsgård not belong to the cast??
    I mean he just played IT…

  12. You're really going ham on the Bill Hader content huh? I love it

  13. Why is Jay Ryan afraid of a strong economy, border security, and law and order restoration? Liberal Hollywood is so strange.

  14. "Roses are red
    You have a nice complexion
    Have you ever heard of a staph infection?"
    "i HaTe MySeLf"

  15. Even though I love pennywise

  16. I hate clowns 100%

  17. I'm way younger then the cast of the 2017 IT and I'm reading the book

  18. Actually, Jaeden got Bill as well, which is obviously the character he played. Make sure you fact check next time.

  19. So here's my pitch for the buddy picture with Hader, Wolfhard, and Sandberg: Literally just how Hader describes him. That's the movie. Think Multiplicity, but instead of making many of one character, you create a new character, perhaps two of that one character, played by Wolfhard. When two friends try to make clones of themselves to help with their lives, something gets messed up, switched around, and instead they create a hybrid of the two of them, which has some disjointed memories of both their lives. They could be long time best friends, with some secrets they keep even from each other, and the hybrid clone could seek to remedy the conflict within themselves, creating havoc in their personal lives, as others assume these "twins" are like a secret love child of either of them. They've got to catch the clones, and fix their lives, but the clones are kinda smarter than the two of them and possesses their skills and talents, which makes it more than a small challenge.

  20. Balloon: pops
    Bill Hader: YAAAYYY
    James McAvoy: I DID NOT ENJOY THAT

  21. the background music is so weird and random

  22. Bill n Finn interview was awkward af

  23. Sophia is not splitting image of jessica… at all.. its amy adams which they should have casted

  24. Omg stop exaggerating.. Isiah dropped the Ipad bcuz there was a spider walking on it not bcuz the movie was going to scarier n bizarre..

  25. Lol someone had a name "pied piper255" did yall armys here notice

  26. This is such a great cast

  27. Hi I’m Harry I hope I could be in a movie because I’m just a kid and you’re like parents are yeah I was just wanted to see you I live in Australia and you live in America and yeah if I could just be you are and how old are you by the way are you about 50 or something if you could just let me get into a movie and I will I’ll just will be the good person in that movie so yeah so can you please please I hope you can let me in I’mCan you please let me in the movie I hope you can because I really wanted to be active since I was like five years or something and I and you and the guy that had asthma no not in real life in the one in it I really want to meet him he’s like to cool sky and we got that squares what was the glasses

  28. I can’t believe that this is an actual video

  29. I like the bill after he acts really good

  30. What about that comic-con interview? They crack-up nearly the whole thing

  31. I think Jessica Chastain made a great as Beverly. I heard she worked with Andy before. I like her acting in Interstellar and the Martian.

  32. They shouldn't have commented on every single word that the actors said. Irritating

  33. 7:14 Bill Hader celebrating ! XD

  34. I just discovered how James McAvoy talks and just hUH?!

  35. James plays Victor Frankenstein, not Frankenstein’s monster

    James gets shown a picture of Frankenstein’s monster

    James: “Oh, um, this is Frankenstein.”

    Interviewer: “No.”

    James: “Oh, yeah. I should know that.”

  36. The 10 moments of them are so funny that I laughed a lot.

  37. No mention of the graphic sex scene Bill describes between him and James causing one of the WB publicists to have a breakdown and walk out the interview? You need to make a part two of this list because that interview is the funniest interview along with the Entertainment Weekly one where again Bill says “if feels like their shooting an ISIS hostage video!” Out of all the promotion they’ve done for this movie.

    Edit: for people who want to know what interviews I’m talking about and want to watch them, I’ve posted the links in below. XoX


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