Top 10 Funniest Victorious Running Gags

Top 10 Funniest Victorious Running Gags // Subscribe:
The funniest Victorious running gags knew just how to make comedy shine. We’re paying tribute to some of the funniest catchphrases, character quirks, and recurring jokes that continuously pop up around Hollywood Arts. If you’ve never guffawed at these gags, there WILL be spoilers. MsMojo ranks the funniest Victorious running gags. What’s your favorite Victorious running gag? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Frankini being cats brother would make sense. 💀😂😂💀💀

  2. Andres Grandmother should've gotten screen time at least every other episode 😂

  3. Frankini is SO Cats brother. I mean who better to be her brother than her ACTUAL brother? I do hope to see Frankie and Ariana confirm it at some point though. ♥️

  4. Helloooooooooooooopoooooooooooooooooooooooooop

  5. What about Tori’s mom CLEARLY cheating on her dad with his coworker?

  6. i do not watch victorus anymore because it did not have proper end to the show but still like all the shows made by nick (or danwrap)

  7. Chica-gooooooooo
    iconic moment 😂

  8. What about the running gag of Tori being a good character?

  9. I think one of the best was "the joke is on you" song that was in multiple Dan Schneider shows

  10. PSA: In case anyone doesn't know, victorious is on Netflix. I've been binge watching it and it's still so good.

  11. Very very great fun list I like it a lot and a lot of fun too great job mis mojo one of my very favorite list ever please do more videos like this one please

  12. We all know why he had fake feet in his trunk…Dan

  13. also when Jade mocks Tori’s voice and puts it into like a southern girl and Tori says “I do not talk like that!”

  14. Never liked Andres Grandma. My favorite was Jade all the way 🤣

  15. Still waiting for Andre’s grandma’s spinoff

  16. Is it just me or does cats and jades voice make tori’s sound terrible

  17. Anyone Else Had This On Their Recommendations?

  18. I just found out the woman who played Andre’s grandma has a YouTube channel and she still uploads videos being Andre’s grandma😂❤️

  19. What about when Jade goes "OH…."

  20. They always were talking about Canada.

  21. Season 1 Cat is the best Cat. Change my mind

  22. Cat:Hey Andre
    Andre:what’s up little red


  24. Cats brother is evil

  25. Andre’s grandma is basically a iconic character and relatable character

  26. You should do a countdown of the Victorious ships. And Watch the Bade and Jori shippers go to war.😂

  27. Andre’s grandma should have been #1 on the list! 🤣😂🤣😂

  28. I knew number one would be the “I don’t talk like that”

  29. The actress who played Andres grandma has a YouTube channel where she still to this day pretends to be Andres weird grandma.

  30. I love how Jade was in most of these😂

  31. Chicagooooooooooooooo !¡ Chicagooooooooooooo !¡!

  32. This is why you don't explain the joke. Because it's no longer funny

  33. fun fact: the actress that plays andre’s grandma has a youtube channel titled “Marilyn Harris” where she still plays the character of his grandma in a bunch of new situations like making a sandwich or calling an uber and it’s really funny and pure so go support

  34. Ngl victorious is pretty overrated.
    The shows episodes were very mediocre: useless subplots, useless character storylines, useless musical numbers, not the best jokes; etc.
    people really need to stop saying that shows are good based mainly on nostalgia

  35. Andre!there's a robber in my phone talking

  36. Frankini is OBVIOUSLY cats brother

  37. i think andre's grandma deserves to be numer 1 on the list

  38. I feel like Andre's Grandma explained to me what anxiety feels like

  39. You forgot Andre’s grandma is also afraid of bikinis, rabbis , and most breakfast foods

  40. As a Chicagoan, I’m offended by Trina’s horrible recreation of the play

  41. robbie deserves more respect for showing his feminine side tbh

  42. “Yay!! We’re hanging out togethe-“


    So iconic😂😂

  43. Tina was the most hardworking student at that school! When she got her own one woman show I was so proud of her!

  44. Why do I get so much Victorious in my mentions?

  45. I miss Victorious 😞

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