Top 10 Funniest Tesla Pickup Truck Memes | Cybertruck Humor

Let’s look at some funny and entertaining memes about the Tesla’s new pickup truck CYBRTRK and have a laugh at Elon Musk’s expense.. Let’s talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!
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  1. Tonka is your name and you shall be my Tonka

  2. EV’s are junk .
    All that soy is ruining your brain.
    Toxic garbage.

  3. Just to appreciate the marketing genius behind this?…..
    How many cars have EVER generated that much buzz worldwide with $0 advertising budget

  4. Your accent tails off. That means it's fake. Watch fps and take some lessons.

  5. Time too unsubscribe…..Good luck Alex. I hope you hit 50k subscribers by 2021 so you can celebrate the moment as Tesla's incredible Cybertruck hits the streets.

  6. By the way here are some real comparisson in specs… on the moon…
    Cybertruck x Any ICE Truck
    0~60 … 2.9 The engine won't start
    Top Speed 130mph The engine won't start
    Towing 84000 lb The engine won't start
    Capacity 21000 lb The engine won't start
    Range 1500miles The engine won't start
    Refuel 40m per day (solar) Nope…
    Clearance 16in Ford can't take them out of orbit

    Obs: You think I got the specs wrong on the Cybertruck, but the moon has 1/6th of Earth's gravity, so… maybe I'm not.

  7. That chinese electric car has a special feature. If you talk shit about China in it, it will self-drive you to the nearest Chinese embassy where you will be arrested by China.

  8. not sure why everyone complains Tesla didnt make a boxy cab style traditional pick up.. so many to choose from already.. only difference can make to those designs is changing the lights or the flare on the wheel arch or lines on the side. nothing fundamentally different. I think once this becomes more familiar and less alien it will in one moment destroy all other truck compition. They will all seem old fashioned and impracticable

  9. The only true concern I have about this car is this:
    How that flat glass in the front will reflect the sun may be blindening for other cars depending on the angle.
    Curved glasses don't cause that.
    Can someone tell me if there is legislation about it?

  10. I think it looks more like a Lamborghini than an LM002 or Lamborghini America.

  11. Eventually the memes will turn around in CT's favor,…
    NHTSA Crash Test Center "We're gonna need a stronger brick wall"

  12. You ended the video with asking for support. You wont get better support than cold rolled stainless steel🤔.

  13. 1st tesla I find pretty actually. I guess I need to be tested.

  14. the door stop one was pretty funny to me

  15. Damn why does this video have so many dislikes 😂😂😂?

  16. They needed Robocop to drive the truck onstage for the unveiling

  17. My first impression was ohh my what the hell were they thinking. Then after seeing the specs and why they designed it this way i realized its not a truck but a military style armoured personnel carrier. Look at the flat angular lines even in the glass. The fact that you can buy an armoured vehicle for 40 to 70 g is amazing. Everything screams tough and offroad capable. And if your truly a person who wants a truck because you need a truck then this will be the class leader. I hated the look of the old dodge's but they were tough as nails.

  18. others: its insane & ugly
    car wrapper, tattoo artist, car detailers & sticker makers : WOW, this is HEAVEN…i mean…$$$
    advertising companies : putting billboard in a steady and boring place not efficient, can i rent your cybertruck ?

  19. Things went great for Tesla! This is one Bad Ass Truck! I am buying one.

  20. Tesla is innovating. You are all in for a surprise it will sell!

  21. In my opinion Cybertruck is masterpiece of bold innovation and design that only Tesla
    is brave enough to attempt. I think is looks much better than run of the mill pickups.
    One of the main reasons that the Cybertruck can be produced at a lower cost
    relates to how the body is produced. The stainless-steel body can be formed by
    simply folding the sheet metal without the necessity for expensive stamping
    machines. Also, the absence of paint results in significant cost savings. A
    paint shop cost 200 million dollars in initial capital expenditure and has
    additional ongoing expenses. The painting and drying of is time consuming and
    is often a bottle neck in production.  Cybertruck
    eliminates this cost and bottle neck. The exoskeleton design was necessary to
    decrease the weight of the Cyber truck so that it is not heavier than the
    conventional pickup truck despite its heavy batteries. Other electric pickup
    makers will have a hard time competing with this design in terms of
    specifications and cost. The bizarre appearance of the Cybertruck is a
    necessity to keep costs low for these specifications. The price and
    specifications of this vehicle are so compelling that it is a viable
    alternative to a conventional car. I would normally never buy a pickup truck,
    but I will be getting the Cybertruck as my daily driver. It costs the same as
    my Tesla Model 3 and has so much more capability and room. Should be great in
    heavy snow and won’t rust from the salt used on streets in the winter in the
    Chicago area where I live. Won’t need to worry that one bird shit will stain
    the car forever.  The only downside when
    compared to a car is its large size which might cause issues with parking in
    some areas. The pickup truck will use more electricity per mile driven then the
    car but the additional cost difference is not as significant as with internal
    combustion pickup trucks. Once the general public understands this, there might
    be a whole new segment of population that will opt for the cyber truck instead
    of a car. Power outage in the house? Run an extension cord to Cybertruck and
    get by with powering essentials like phones, broadband modems, and rechargeable
    led lighting. You could even cook with an instant pot or induction cooker. Also,
    Elon confirmed on twitter the car may have a solar option for the bed cover
    that can add some range when the car is parked in the sun. I don’t care that
    other people may not like how this looks. If they want something that looks
    like a regular pickup they will pay more and get less. Not a choice that I
    would make. I would like to see this low-cost polygon body concept scaled down
    to a mid-sized SUV with three rows of seats with the last two rows foldable and
    removable. This would be a better alternative to a family car than a pickup
    truck. Scaling this down to an urban hatch back the size of a Honda Fit should
    allow an EV with a range of 200 miles for low $20Ks in couple of years.

  22. It looks like it was beamed into existence from a PS1 Atari's Jaguar game XD

  23. Must be easy to change the glass if they did it before the test drives, easy to fix truck! No door dings and off road brush damage proof! I am tired of buying a truck and living in fear of off road damage!

  24. I just hope I can afford one after I buy the Model-Y

  25. Very angular. Performance is spectacular, I wonder how hard it would be if they could clean up just the angular lines just a little bit how far that would go. I’m sure it’s possible 3 years before that final version.

  26. I’m glad it doesn’t look different, I like it !

  27. The design will grow on ppl. I remember the first hummer I saw it wasnt appealing. I think Elon want to make a military vehicle

  28. Now everyone is a truck fanatic 🤦‍♂️…

  29. I could careless what it looks like. That thing is badass and I want one!

  30. Looks like a spacecraft and that's ok especially since it's similar to the Pruis and it sold in the millions

  31. Everyone felt the VW Bug was ugly, yet over 21 million of those bugs were sold!! Hmmm? Think about that one….

  32. If I had money I’d deff get it and wrap it matte black

  33. It looks awesome

    – get over it!

  34. Sorta reminds me of a Delorean.

  35. At least 4x I heard "by the way…"

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