Top 10 Funniest Rick and Morty Moments

The funniest Rick and Morty moments are the opposite of Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub! We’ll be going over some of the most hilarious moments from the adult cartoon series, Rick and Morty. Some minor spoilers ahead, so don’t blame us if you get ants in your eyes! WatchMojo ranks the funniest Rick and Morty moment. What do you think is the funniest Rick and Morty moment? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Where is pickle rick🤘🤘🤘😭

  2. "This election's got these yellow shirts more riled up than a picture day Jessica"
    Tales from the Citadel is easily one of the best episodes.

  3. Great moments but not THE funniest.

  4. If Simpsons is the 90s generation comedy and Family Guy is the 00s then Rick And Morty is the comedy of today,honestly only started watching the other day and right from the get go its stunningly brilliant,season 2 is more heart warming then the 1st as well which is a nice edition from all the complex dimensions and lifeforms,the writing is so clever and they are a great pair together.

  5. 4:38 So maybe I just missed it but where was Mr. Poopybutthole while the family was killing all the parasites? Like anyone else notice how he just shows up to dinner after all the parasites are dead lol???


  7. 2:11 and he also takes a shit XD

  8. 1:56 has to be Nathan Fillion!

  9. when the car battery's universe president says "no no.. blow ME" to rick… best moment of the show…

  10. Hey there I might be the only one to ponder about this but there seems to be a lot of confusion about which reality/dimension/universe the characters come from, for example at the Jerry Jamboree, and the Atlantian Mixup, you’d think The Ricks would’ve included a scanner in the portal gun to figure out where they belong, it would be interesting for Our Rick as we know as C137, or maybe have it available only to the Federation, or the Citadel as an interrogation device, anyone else think about this???

  11. Wait there is not pickle rick on this list


  12. "where are my testicles summer?" wait hold on what did the dog mean?

  13. "Get all ur shit but it in a bag, and take it somewhere…GET ur shit TOGETHER!"

  14. Fucking two brothers 😂😂😂😂 I'm dead.

  15. I love when fart casually kills hundreds of gear people

  16. PICKLE RICK ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  17. I was actually just on the Mortynight Run episode

  18. Where's my wife?😂😂😂

  19. I'm the og Pickle Rick!!!!!

  20. Which cartoon family tv show does everyone like better

    Rick and Morty: like 🙂👍🏾💯
    The Simpsons: comment👇🏾

  21. No "Simple Ricks" in the running?

  22. Steven universe is better

  23. Rob Paulsen as the dog in Lawnmower Dog…. Oh man, I about lost it! Every time I hear a voice actor from my childhood in this show, its freaking amazing!!! And to think, the first time I watched the pilot episode, I did not like this show…. Yet Lawnmower Dog was the episode that made me into a fan, it is nice to have a show for adults that is actually very well thought out, even with all the random too 🙂

  24. The idiots that took Rick's rant about the dipping sauce serious, were not fans, they were morons looking for an excuse to do something stupid. Nothing more, nothing less. Now, I liked that dipping sauce, but it was NOT worth the bullshit those sorry excuses for humans did.

  25. I knew the #1 the moment I saw this video lmao

  26. I have the BEST Evil Morty theory EVER on my channel! Trust me you will me amazed by it

  27. How is the therapist scene from pickle rick, not number one. First time truly disappointed…..

  28. Oh come on, you forgot Pickled Rick

  29. Imagine a navigation with Rick's voice
    Yeah uh turn left here Burp that's what ya do when nothing seems to go right huh

  30. "Keep Summer safe!" should have been #1.

  31. Aw man, all these scenes are so great but the way she explains them to us, as if we don't understand what were watching, she legit ruined every single moment. Why

  32. Car battery universe imo by far. Where tf is pickle rick

  33. For me, the funniest moment was learning one of Rick's many catchphrases; AIDS! I used AIDS! as the name for any electronic device (Phone, Computer, Console, etc.) and if I need a name for something and can't think of anything better. (Note: few things are better.)

  34. How did pickle rick not even get an honorable mention?

  35. not a single mention of PICKLE RICK

  36. Get Schwifty is my jam.

  37. the funniest part of this show is the little comments not the main themes.

  38. What do y’all think is going to happen with Rick and evil Morty?

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