Top 10 FUNNIEST Fortnite Fails OF ALL TIME!

Top 10 FUNNIEST Fortnite Fails OF ALL TIME!
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Here is a list of the Top 10 MOST EMBARASSING Fortnite Fails OF ALL TIME!, for more new fortnite season 11 videos,secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.

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  1. Sky bases do not have try hards they have memers ugly rat

  2. Brush campers are not bad

  3. The last one was totally not embarrassing

  4. Some off these are either not funny or not embarrassing

  5. T5g are use your code is it OK if you gift me a skin here is my fortnight name flex tape uwu

  6. If this is Trolling like

  7. This is why I don’t play Fortnite because the people are rude but now I’m playing it again an ppl say I’m good but I’m my eyes I’m am trash

  8. Bro its top5 not too 10 think next time 😂

  9. For the honorable mention, I and my friend drove off the cliff with a boat when there was a trap

  10. Did he call sky base people tryhards

  11. Lol this dude just makes fun of sweats

  12. Use code T5G to get 100 years of good luck

  13. Storm was coming and he came down

  14. Top 5 gaming or top 10 gaming

  15. 0:10 it makes the storm look like a smiley face.

  16. T5g stop plugging your fortnite support a creator code please

  17. I did that once I killed some one by a harpoon gun and hit them in the air

  18. Can you gift me some thing my name is jackyjoko I subbed and liked

  19. Who els is now going to check that bridge

  20. 5:32 does that guy have the same combo as the sniper?

  21. Anyone else notice the little raptor head at the bottom right at 4:57?

  22. I gave you 1k subs your welcome

  23. I knew the ya are stalking us on. There game 🤣😂🤣😂

  24. Mrtop5gaming why do you do 10 Fortnite fails

  25. Top5gaming=10?

  26. It's fortnite chapter 1 not 2

  27. Top5:Top ten funniest fortnite fails of all time!!
    Top5 30 seconds later in video: top ten most embarrassing moments in fortnite chapter 2

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