Top 10 Friday Night SmackDown moments: WWE Top 10, October 18, 2019

WWE Top 10 takes you back to this week’s Friday Night SmackDown to revisit the show’s most thrilling, physical and controversial moments.
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  1. “Life sucks and then u die”

  2. I always think sheiks Kay not gmora is high

  3. Old Bayley: Normal kindergarten child who loves hugs
    Classic Bayley: Hugging Badass
    New Bayley: Hits puberty mentally and has depression

  4. Superman punch is lame af an the spear is so overused it’s ridiculous an a bit lazy as far as creativity

  5. Its time for Daniel Bryan to bring back the Yes Movement!

  6. The Big Dog Roman Reigns

  7. If you love Roman and Daniel together

  8. Bryan and Reigns for Smackdown tag team champions☝️

  9. Im the 1000 comment😎

  10. I hate you wwe Shorty G ie not a name

  11. Ok one since this was on my birthday.. That's kinda cool and besides we got the old Daniel Bryan back instead of the douchbag crappy 'earths champion' Daniel Bryan so that's awesome to me

  12. After the show went off air miz was roasting Cesaro for wearing kapris

  13. why make nakamura make win rr18? he sucks nobody wants to see him

  14. The three best things that could happen with Smackdown is if Crock Lesnar, Sami Zahn, and Corbin all get shelved for are good long time.

  15. subscriber to the channel for me.thanks

  16. Subscreber to the channel for me.thanks

  17. Lastima que bayle se volvio malvada

  18. A humanitarian call: all artists in the world should come down and eat from the garbage in solidarity with the poor who do not find food for their children, and because the phenomenon of eating from the garbage⁦🕊️⁩⁦🕊️⁩⁦🕊️⁩⁦🕊️⁩⁦🕊️⁩😭💟

  19. aew and nxt get watched in full.. raw and sd are top 10 vids only.

  20. Bayley has a heel ain't gonna work imo

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