Top 10 Fortnite Collabs RANKED WORST TO BEST!

Top 10 Fortnite Collabs RANKED WORST TO BEST! (batman fortnite collab, superheros & more)
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Here is a list of the Top 10 Fortnite Collabs RANKED WORST TO BEST!, for more new fortnite season 10 basmtnavideos,secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.

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  1. Nope Fortnite X Avengers is best you got to use avengers weapons and skins Batman just copied that and we got a game mode for avengers so case and point avengers is best

  2. At least we got a free emote for the wreck it Ralph promo

  3. we didn't get an ironman, cap, thor, spiderman skin. But we got batman?

  4. Idk why but that borderlands skin looks wet without outlines

  5. You have NFL included but not world cup

  6. Fortnite x Samsung is Iconic(see what I did there 😂)

  7. His name is Top5Gaming, And this video was Top 10 Collabs of fortnite ranked -_-

  8. I want DEMOGORGON!

  9. John wick

  10. For me my favorite one is fortnite x borderlands cause i love playing borderlands

  11. Claptrap was the best opponents hear his funny quotes they become a friend

  12. AnD iF YouRe a ReAl GAmEr

  13. The Batman and catwoman skins are gay

  14. Pandora was my favourite collab

  15. It was my birthday on that day of Fortnite may event marshmallow

  16. The real wick is just…John wick

  17. Where is the it crossover at the start of the video ?? 🤪

  18. Bruh wreck it Ralph was not a crossover it’s just a ad

  19. I have the Marshmello skin

  20. “Number 7 borderlands 3”

    wears borderlands skin

  21. To give my opinion I didn't like the Batman claporation .

  22. The borderlands crossover was actually pretty good

  23. Imagine “Fortnite X Minecraft”

  24. i want that claptrap back bling

  25. Fortniye x Soccer World Cup?!??!?!

  26. Who else was hyped for IT collab but then it absolutely SUCKING

  27. Omg you choose dc over MARVEL?!?!?!?

  28. They should do an x man crossover

  29. I love the avengers collab the most

  30. You are so dumb John wick should be 1

  31. Bru Borderlands X Fortnite should not be 7 at least top 3

  32. Ok. Gotham city was basically a reskin of tilted and had no important locations from Batman history. Not even a bat cave. The avengers mode was unique and basically everything was new. New items that do new things like, aim bot, hitting multiple enemies, becoming thanos. Splash splash your opinion is trash. I could go all day about this but I just don’t care enough to.

  33. Surely fortnite x star wars

  34. Did you just ask which is the real John wick skin? Omg I have no clue at all maybe it’s the skin Named JOHN WICK

  35. You Say fortnite x ralph was bad BRO FOR IT IT WAS LITERALLY A BALLOON

  36. Ok so your stupid. Batman is super inferior to marverl

  37. lol he forgot the fortnite x footy right?

  38. Anyone else notice the thumbnail?
    Puke face on borderlands cross over? Come on man show some respect.

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