Top 10 Fortnite CHAPTER 2 EASTER EGGS You MISSED! (Season 11)

Top 10 Fortnite CHAPTER 2 EASTER EGGS You MISSED! (Season 11)
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Fortnite CHAPTER 2 – Season 11 Halloween Update & EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

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Fortnite CHAPTER 2 – Season 11 Halloween Update & EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Here is a list of the Top 10 SECRET Fortnite CHAPTER 2 EASTER EGGS You MISSED! (Season 11), for more new fortnite 2 videos,secrets,glitches,easter eggs,update videos & more subscribe.

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  1. There is another bunker in a bush somewhere

  2. I already knew so im one of them

  3. I used craeter cod t5g in the item shop right now

  4. Don’t leave the mysteriesfor you leave them for X-Files🥴

  5. So fortnite has easter eggs of fortnite

  6. I was covering my ears for the cobblestone wall while my ear buds were still in

  7. Fishsticks is a fish in tge game

  8. I already found the burger and tomato who els

  9. your a scammer theres no homer

  10. The rock family should be a movie

  11. 1 more van it is fork knife van

  12. ⬛️⬛️⬛️

  13. Channel Name: Top 5 Gaming

    Video: Top 10

    Critics: You little son of a b—

    YouTube: Nope, DEMONITIZED.

  14. Did anyone notice Sofdeez is in sweaty sands.

  15. Are yall Gana do other stuff bc this is getting dumb I'm tired of just fortnite

  16. If you don't have the og wave or Orange justice, are you really OG?

  17. There is also a bunker in the water

  18. 9:07 And 9:17 Pizza Pit?

  19. You forgot one on the pier in sweaty sands there’s a ice cream shop so ice cream is one step ahead

  20. What about the assasins creed easter egg? Its in an electric tower near retail row

  21. I want a Homer Simpson skin now

  22. Stone henge is from stone age

  23. there's also a fork knife truck btw

  24. The 1st easter egg I already knew it cause at the start of season 11 I went in the water and found the stick with a chest and when I looked under I found it

  25. Btw at steamy stacks there is a sign that said kevinlusion energy and a statue of Kevin the cube

  26. So your saying fish stick actually kills fish to make ‘fish sticks’

  27. 2:30 are you kiding me thats 4 shopping carts

  28. Fortnite creates a new update O recommend it to have 50vs50 33vs33vs33 and 25vs25vs25vs25 it is the same as the ltm but has its seperate folder fishstix durrburgurr tomato boss and the taco guy

  29. Whats up guys welcome back to Top 10 Gaming

  30. Also fork knife fan you forgot about fork knife, this is so sad

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