Top 10 Foods So Spicy We Can’t Even

Top 10 Foods So Spicy We Can’t Even

You might want to have a glass of milk at the ready before taking any of these bites! From the famed Suicide Chicken Wings, to the classic Sik Sik Wat, and the delicious Jerk Chicken, be warned… some like it hot. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Foods So Spicy We Can’t Even.

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#10. Suicide Chicken Wings
#9. Sik Sik Wat
#8. Jerk Chicken
#7. Neua Pad Prik
#6. Chongqing Hot Pot
#5. Tom Yum
#4. Papa a la Huancaína
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. You should have made Sik Sik Wat number 6

  2. Is there 1 country that bans spice or spicy food, I be surprised if that is the case. Just curious because everyone on YouTube does spice challenge mostly in restaurants or home after buying something from a store like fire noodles.

  3. Meen curry???

  4. What about Mexican food?

  5. The channel is for movies and anime not for food or some other topics 😡😡

  6. Are you kidding me? Kimchi jjigae is not spicy compared to many other Korea dishes… don’t recall needing to sign a waver for any jjigae. At least recognize 떡볶이

  7. Papa a la Huancaina isn't even spicy

  8. Jerk chicken and shrimp creole are not that spicy.

  9. What was the hottest Thing you have eaten?
    For me it was an orange Habanero (300.000-350.000 Scoville)

  10. Tom yum? Really? I find it more flavourful than spicy, but I do get a kick

  11. Give your Meat a good ol' rub


  12. Otak Otak ???
    Spicy ??
    You never eat it aren't u ??
    Otak Otak is just a steam Fish Cake, it taste sweet salty and savoury.
    Nothing evil within.
    The dipping sauce is just a sweat sour peanut sauce.
    Oww….watch mojo, in the end you're just another average americans stereotype.

  13. 5:22 You know something is going be bad when the guy making it is wearing a gas mask.

  14. Alot of these are juat over spiced dishes originally used to vover up the shitty quality or bad meats

  15. Not a single Nigerian dish. Fish Pepper Soup is basically edible lava… Annnnd now I want some.

  16. I love spice in moderation which includes a lot of jalapenos and even a few habaneros. I use plastic gloves when preparing my spicy dishes. But, I distinctly saw a chef wearing a breathing mask like those worn by folks who handle toxic chemicals. I see that level of heat, I do not eat!!! LOL Thanks for turning up the heat today.

  17. You need to visit Lombok Island, Indonesia. Go ahead and try our traditional food.
    -Pelecing Manuk (Spicy Roast Chicken)
    -Pelecing Kangkung (Spicy Kale)
    -Beberok (Spicy Salad)

    and we eat those all in one sitting, with 1 plate of warm rice. Make our rice burning red because of the hot sauces from 3 different dishes.

  18. Man I can’t even handle guacamole most the time. 🥺🥺🥺

  19. "We can't even"? Is WatchMojo a 15 year old from fucking 2010??

  20. I went to an authentic Mexican place very good i like spice but i ate some pepper when i took my mom but it literally almost made me sick it was so hot idk what it was it made me wanna puke sweating instantly. Never again she just laughed at my misery ate it in one bite lol not smart

  21. You couldn't just say "top 10 spicy foods"

  22. Can't even what? Form a whole sentence?

  23. man now i want Shrimp Creole. It sound so familiar and looks just delicious

  24. Otak-Otak as spicy food & not Asam Pedas

    Malay,Singaporean & Indo:Am we joke to you?

  25. No Indomie abang adek pedas mampus? Shame

  26. Otak otak is childs play.

  27. Funniest pronunciation of Neua Pad Prik I’ve ever heard lol 😂

  28. Sweden had the Worlds Hottest Sausage "Harakiri Korven" Helldog at about 3.000.000 Scoville

  29. Haha Otak Otak isn't spicy tho, its the Sauce that Spicy, its not even that spicy either. So…

  30. Never understand why people ruin good food by adding ingredients that make your mouth feel like you've just drank a glass of lava.

  31. After eating super spicy chicken curry, next day it will fuck up your ass

  32. First of all, Kimchi Jjigae isn't even the spiciest korean dish let alone there are other spicier dishes in other countries. But if you really wanna burn your tongue and stomach so much so that you would end up on toilet the next few days, try spicy baby octopus from Korea. It would destroy most people's stomachs.

  33. Jerk chicken isn’t hot 🥵

  34. What? How is Tom Yum is on number 5? Pussies

  35. otak otak is not spicy

  36. For 2 Thai Foods, If you need a traditional flavour, You need to eat at Thailand at the Area that there are not much Americans/Europeans work there. Because Those people will make those 2 dishes too sweet and not spicy anymore.

  37. Clever title short simple relatable that's all we need to know

  38. why is there no country of origin for tom yum soup… you guys grazed over that part

  39. It seems so odd that Watchmojo can't even 😕

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