We just want to know, what’s in the water? Whats yall’s secret?
►Top 10 Filipino Singers who went Viral on Youtube (REACTION)
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  1. CLorraine Gatchalian Reply

    Jamming at schools is normal here in Philippines 😂❤

  2. Im on that left .5% that are not good at singing! Hahaha I agree with you not all of us but many of us Filipino can sing. Hehehee

  3. nelmarcy leobrera Reply

    Cant wait to see you guys here in the Philippines and do that challenge to us
    👍🏻😁 My wife has a good voice too

  4. Maylyn Bayani Reply

    I never realized it was not normal to break out singing in class until I went overseas. During recess or when the professor takes a bit of time to come to class there will always be one classmate with a guitar and a full musical will ensue.

  5. The one singing in the bathroom is justin vasquez..try search him australlian got tallent.😁

  6. Arangkada Ph Reply

    Karaoke is a common pastime here in the philippines, that's one reason 😊 If you guys are visiting, visit our famous Boracay and Palawan. Also drop me a message I'll take you to my favorite filipino restaurant. 👍

  7. Knoll Alamil Reply

    i am enjoying all reaction video… i really do… can you pls do a reaction video on the voice kids phillipines 2019… on the performance of coach bamboo and carmelle singing the rock version of LET IT GO… thanks

  8. Rommel Estores Reply

    https://youtu.be/WRfhzWaiQvk can you react this video of SB19
    First Filipino boy group in the Philippines, training by under Korean company

  9. Mark Kiven Tabid Reply

    Hello Guys. Please react to Reo Brothers. They were survivors of Typhoon Yolanda.

    Here's the Link 👉 https://youtu.be/3jpRzWk0saA

  10. Julienne Villafuerte Reply

    doe:ey ey na na na na

  11. Darlene Grace Ranera Reply

    Hello! I really love watching your reaction videos. Please react to Zephanie Dimaranan. Thank youu! 😍

  12. hey lady you guys should react to this guy. here the link

  13. Please do react to Carmelle Collado of The Voice kids Philippines 2019 singing R.E.S.P.E.C.T

  14. yoongi had me like Reply

    lemme tell you when you hum in the classroom a classmate will began singing in a whisper, then another will sing a little loudly and thus….it begins

  15. You guys should watch this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Er7b7kKxbRY

  16. Proud Filipina here!i dont sing but i have channel pls support me guys..hahahhaa thankyou

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