Can you name another top 10 fast-food restaurants that straight up cheated customers? We sure can so watch carefully and beware. This is another top 10 ways fast-food restaurants cheat the customer.
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Most fast-food chains operate with integrity. They give their customers exactly what they came for, and for the prices listed. Others are a little shadier when it comes to delivering on their promises. They may not do it all the time, but it has happened, and some of the scandals triggered by not so pure business conduct. When you go eat at a fast-food restaurant, you’re not asking for too much. Just a fast, filling meal at a decent price, and decent quality. But sometimes you don’t even get that. Sometimes, customers have problems with the way fast-food restaurants operate. They may feel cheated and then make their feelings known publicly. The eateries on this list have been on the receiving end of such complaints. So let’s uncover the Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers – Part 2.
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0:23 Is Starbucks Using Too Much Ice?
1:53 Jimmy John’s Had A Sprout Controversy
3:30 Subway Was Accused Of Selling 11-inch Footlongs
4:48 The Domino’s Order Tracker May Lie
6:05 Are McDonald’s Burgers Shrinking?
7:06 Long John Silver’s Big Catch Was Anything But
8:12 Some Chipotle Locations Overcharged Customers
9:19 One KFC Put Customer’s Health At Risk
10:24 Beware Of Phantom Charges At Panera
11:24 Burger King-Coupon Scam
– Iced drinks from Starbucks are delicious, but is the company overdoing it on the ice, with a mind for making more money? Some people think so. However, the courts ultimately disagreed.
– In 2013, Jimmy John’s was in the news because a woman filed a lawsuit alleging that the fast-food sandwich chain failed to add sprouts to her sandwich.
– Have you ever measured a Subway footlong? Maybe you should! One person did and discovered that a footlong sub really only measured eleven inches in length.
– Have you ever stared, transfixed, at the Domino’s Order Tracker, marveling at the fact that it is able to show you every step of the order and delivery process, in real-time?
– McDonald’s actually denies that its burgers have gotten smaller, but some customers who post online are convinced that Mickey D’s has shrunk its iconic burgers.
– The Big Catch meal at Long John Silver is notorious because it was deemed “the worst meal in America” by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.
– Should Chipotle restaurants have rounded up customer’s bills, ostensibly to make it easier for Chipotle staff to make change?
– When we spend hard-earned money on fast food, we don’t expect it to be produced in fast-food restaurants that have sickening hygiene practices.
– One interesting and seemingly unintentional ripoff is phantom charges at Panera. These phantom charges weren’t a supernatural occurrence, but they seemed a little bit mysterious, to say the least.
– Everyone loves saving money, a great way to do so is by using good old fashion coupons. But Customers be wary and check the final prices.
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  1. The quarter pounder burger changed shape. It got smaller, but also thicker, so it is still 1/4 lb pre weight before cooking. What really did shrink, by a lot, has been their sausage for their hotcakes.

  2. Kristijan Petrovic Reply

    Mc Donalds burgers have gotten a lot smaller pack off lying dogs they are mony hungry fu####s

  3. optimus prime Reply

    You had more movie clips in this movie than all of the movies…

  4. Quagigitymire Reply

    Sprouts, really? This was cheating customers? seems like a reach… Petty whining isn't simply cheating customers.

  5. You're overdoing it on the movie soundbite clips. Use one once in a while sure, but you're doing it every 20 seconds. It feels way too forced.

  6. Burger Kings burgers have gotten smaller, at least on their double cheeseburgers. They used to be thicker than the flat patties they have now

  7. kepstein8888 Reply

    Funny how the mistakes and glitches always seem to work in the restaurant's favor.

  8. Nunya Bizness Reply

    Dominos tracker always goes from “it’s in the oven” to ITS READY! I’m like dang son I didn’t even get my shoes on

  9. Nunya Bizness Reply

    Subways bread is made by the employees and if they don’t stretch them right they don’t come out long enough but you get fresh bread

  10. Nunya Bizness Reply

    Ever seen the amount of rice in sushi rolls? All you can eat sushi aims to fill you up with rice so you order less and if you leave more than 2 pieces you get charged

  11. Scott Randall Reply

    Always check your receipt?? What moron doesn't know what something costs BEFORE they order it? Oh yeah, all these millennial and gen z students who spent $4,000 (average) on booze over 4 college years while getting a degree in "how tree branches grow" and now need us to pay for their student loans!!

  12. Edward Kennedy Reply

    Today l went to Portillos and ordered hot peppers on my sandwich since lm not ghetto l didnt start fighting or throwing things and because lm not soft l didnt sue anybody l just ate the food and went on living

  13. McDonald's Burger buns also shrink when the burger is cooked for a longer time. 😕

  14. TheNoNamefamer Reply

    Everytime I go to KFC I get food poisoning so I am permanently off fried chicken.

  15. Imagine being such an entitled pussy you gotta sue because you didn't get ice.

  16. Fisher Freeman Reply

    No matter how much I try, I will never be able to understand people who eat at McDonald's.

  17. I don't know how Domino's works with deliveries in the US but here in Japan, you can actually watch your delivery driver on GPS to see exactly where they are. Feels kind of weird but it's also pretty cool.

  18. ian Hendries Reply

    Just this week chick fa la charged me an extra sandwich when we told them they messed up they then charged us for another sandwich. We got charged two sandwiches that we did t get and we can’t have them correct it now

  19. jamal robinson Reply

    Who in the fuck has time to sue Starbucks over ice

    Becky I'm looking at you

  20. Ryder Lewis Reply

    These channels are so toxic they are all the same they use gifs some movies skits and talk to much about 1 subject

  21. Michael Cronin Reply

    Phoebe said it best, "Get over it". First world problems.. Come at me Karen..

  22. Drunk Gamer Reply

    I remember this one time I got a burger from McDonalds and no lie it was the size my balls

  23. I’m assuming your trying to say “aussie”, only reason I knew is because our burgers did infact get smaller at maccas

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