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These are a few of our favorite fascinating facts about Julie Andrews. We’re taking a look at the most intriguing details about this multi talented actress’ career and life. Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. MsMojo ranks the fascinating facts about Julie Andrews. Are there any fascinating facts we missed? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Have you read Julie Andrews' new memoir? Let us know your thoughts below!

  2. My favorite Julie Andrew moment is during Mary Poppin's Step In Time song, where she jumps and spins in the air for quite a long time, lands and gives a "hmmmph" nod.

  3. She also wrote one of the best children's novels I ever read as a kid!

  4. Sammie Argana Reply

    Julie Andrews was a great actress. Especially in Mary Poppins. I knew her also for the Princess Diaries movies and she was in Shrek 🙂

  5. You forgot SOB.. the comedy with her husband, that would make Mary Poppins blush.

  6. Katy Petree Reply

    Favorite Julie moment: in the very rare film called Duet for One, Julie strips down to her heart and soul; no major musical numbers—just mastery of her craft and the camera lens.

  7. GraceWithoutTears Reply

    When she claps her hands together while standing on the steps, after the Captain tells her he wants her to stay…and the dance with the captain…and when she comes back to the children…and when she sings I Have Confidence…and how she has been so classy when her life must have crashed down around her when she lost her singing voice. She is just amazing!!

  8. JulieAndrews forever Reply

    Very interesting stories about Julie Andrews. I have read that Julie alomost turn down The Boy Friend of Broadway when she was 18 because she dindn't want to leave her hometown ! But Ted Wells (her father) persuaded her to accept the offer.

  9. Waldemar Lopes Reply

    The great, multi talented and forever beautiful Julie Andrews is a phenomenal actress and singer who has one of the most amazing careers in the history of cinema, theater and television, with highlights such as ''My Fair Lady'' (B'way), ''Cinderella'' (tv), ''Mary Poppins'', ''The Sound of Music'' and ''Victor/Victoria'', She is a treasure. I love her and so does the whole world. Bravo, Julie!

  10. Stephanie Casey Reply

    My favorite performance of hers is in Victor/Victoria. Up until that point I had only seen her in Mary Poppins and Sound of Music. So add in the risqué Paris in the 30's plus James Garner, Robert Preston, and Lesley Ann Warren and you have perfection.

  11. James Donnelly Reply

    Beautiful, intelligent, sophisticated and has a kind and beautiful heart. We should all aspire to achieve such gifts

  12. Linda Balliet Reply

    I love Julie Andrews movies! But before I knew her as an actress I actually loved her as a writer. She wrote a book called Mandy under her married name Julie Edwards .

  13. Justin Eves Reply

    Very very great amazing list I like it a lot and a lot of fun too great job mis mojo one of my very favorite list ever she is one of the very best actress and singer ever please do more videos like this one please

  14. Somebody give this practically perfect lady a Tony! She deserves it!!!

  15. Sarah Mayara Reply

    I am absolutely in love with Julie Andrews since I was a child. My father presented me "the sound of music" when I was very little and I learned how to sing all the songs in english, although my mother language is Portuguese. I love her by not only her talent, but also because she is an amazing human being. Practically perfect in every single way.

  16. I love the friendship between Julie andrewa and Carol Brunette.!

  17. Alyssa Watson Reply

    I would have loved for her and Angela Lansbury to have been in Harry Potter as other teachers I suppose or as friends of Violet in Downton Abbey <3

  18. Rebecca Maracle Reply

    I've got a video of my toddler watching the opening scene of the Sound of Music for the first time. When the music built and Julie started singing, her little two-year-old jaw actually dropped. It's the cutest thing.

  19. It still pisses me off that Julie was denied the role of Eliza in My Fair Lady the film. Had she done it she would've been in the perfect trilogy of classic musicals.

  20. Very touching how Julie Andrews and Disneyworld have the same birthday.
    Also putting "the sound of music" to film was the best thing they ever did to it. She shouldve had that cameo on the new Mary Poppins movie.

  21. Just imagine having your grandma as the legendary Julie Andrews! I sure as hell cant!!! 😍😂

  22. Calvero 221 Reply

    I love Mary Poppins 🙃. One of the best films! And maybe the first film I ever saw (that or Star Wars). I was about 4. The only part I remember from that first viewing was trying to watch Let's Go Fly a Kite while holding onto my mom's hand while we were leaving the theater. I kept turning around and saying "But it's not over yet!"

    Since becoming a grown-up, I always stay through the credits 😁

  23. Heather Owens Reply

    Favourite Julie Andrews moment is why she "surfs" on the mattress down the slide in Princess Diaries.

  24. Alexa Hernandez Reply

    I’ve looked up to her for soooo long. And I’m so glad I did. She’s one of my BIGGEST inspirations. She’s practically perfect in every way 💜

  25. Nanny Ninera Reply

    Julie Andrews has a voice of angels, no matter if she can
    hit that high note or not. As many of us who grew up watching
    her movies, she will always be the original song bird.

  26. Rebekah Artman Reply

    I love that high note at the end of Do Re Me, too. I’m so glad she ended up playing Maria.

  27. Wendy O'dell Reply

    All of them, anything she's done, performed in, both acting and singing. Just love Julie ❤❤❤

  28. Janie Riddle Reply

    Best funny Movie with Julie Andrews–Victor/Victoria. Makes me laugh every time i watch it 😀

  29. I'm mildly shocked, as earlier this evening I was thinking that I should check into the prices they're getting for DVDs of "Victor/Victoria"! I've always liked the film and its little twists and turns. The information that she "brought down the house" by singing "Je Suis Titania" at age 12, prompted me to look it up. THREE octaves, people! Check it out and even if you're not an opera fan, I think you'll be impressed. (Edit; I just found a copy on ebay and ordered it, and even better, the money goes to charity!)

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