Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Judy Garland

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You know her as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, but there are many things you never knew about Judy Garland. We’re looking at interesting facts about the life and career of Judy Garland. This classic Hollywood actress was a star that burnt out too soon. MsMojo ranks the things you never knew about Judy Garland. Who are there any fascinating facts about Judy we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Do you plan on seeing Judy this weekend? Let us know below!

  2. She was so beautiful ❤️!

  3. I always wondered, what if she married Mickey…He loved her.He could have saved her

  4. The narrator’s voice makes me want to rip my eyes out of my head.

  5. Renee looks nothing like her.

  6. Natalie Portman would have made the perfect Judy.

  7. as a Judy's fan for decades, there are some more fascinating facts. such as she helped Gene Kerry in his first film then he helped her back in her final MGM film, "Summer Stock", and she was referred in legendary gay films such as The Boys In the Band and Twin Peaks. And her father was a gay according to some biographies. And she was jealous her husband Vincent Minnelli worked so intimately with Gene Kelly during filming Pirate and that eventually causes Charles Walters directs Easter Parade instead of Minnelli (actually Gene was originally assigned to Easter Parade but he got injured then Fred Astaire was asked to take the roll) e.t.c

    Anyway I was so surprised a film about her later days was made in this 21st century and Renée Zellweger took the roll. Judy's singing and acting were so energetic, but I wonder how AI computer graphic generation would feel about her performance and life. they are too raw, aren't they?

  8. 1:33 She's cutting her birthday cake – look at her eyeing it, then looking at the camera…Mickey swoops in for a kiss to grab her attention. How unbelievably wrong to be forced to cut your cake but not be allowed even a thin slice of it. MGM Bastards!

  9. I didn’t know that she was such an icon for gay men

  10. Mickey Rooney was a wonderful actor….

  11. She committed suicide didn't she?

  12. She was also racist with black

  13. These 'facts' are all common knowledge to anyone who has ever seen a Judy Garland film….there are several real facts that exist. This post is for those who have lived in a mine shaft for 75 years.

  14. I want to see all of these movies, but you just can't get 'em anymore… I don't live in the US, so whenever I check the Play Store it tells me the "content isn't available in your country"… Then I check Amazon and all they have are DVDs in Spanish or Blu-Rays in French… And that goes for other movies as well; The Good News, Hello Dolly, all those American classics, all blocked, none available :c

  15. Saw "Judy" will break your heart..

  16. The studios did own an actress at that time. It was discusting.

  17. They very nearly cut ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ out of The Wizard of Oz.
    Judy herself never could shake that song which she personally didn’t particularly like.
    Also, they had cameras set up in her Hospital room ( she had just had a baby ) because she was expected to win for her Vicki Lester role, and after she didn’t win, she was alone when they silently removed the equipment. ) Her ‘juvenile Oscar ‘ was miniature in size.

  18. The only interesting thing that you skipped was her ‘break out’ song was Judy in some small role, looking adoringly at a picture of Clark Gable, and singing in an amazing voice, ‘ You Made Me Love You ‘ ,as she writes him a fan letter. It’s online and her comic timing is apparent.
    She was considered, by her peers, ‘The Funniest Woman in Hollywood! ‘ Thank You!❤️

  19. 4:55 ….you missed 'Valley of the Dolls'.

  20. She was such a talented person. It’s so sad what Hollywood did to her 😢

  21. I’ve never noticed how many similarities in the face Sarah Paulson has to Judy

  22. Nobody in movies will ever ever have her unique, clear as a bell, powerful voice ever again! It was a natural gift from God and she put her whole body, heart and soul into each and every great song! She was also a terrific dancer and great actress as well as a loving mom who absolutely adored her three kids! R.I P dearly beloved Judy! Miss her! Thankfully, she left a very rich legacy and I hope she'll never be forgotten! Thanks for sharing MsMojo~

  23. Friend of Dorothy was simply gay code so you didn't outwardly ask someone if they were homosexual. "Are you friend of Dorothy", A straight man would simply be confused and not suspect the other mans homosexuality. Which, at the time, was extremely dangerous.

  24. That 1930's footage is gold omg

  25. I would give my left pinky to see her live at Carnegie Hall!

  26. Too much of anything can kill you and Judy Garland just had too much talent.

  27. Not to mention, when she was acting, they didn't have child labour laws like they do now, so it was more intense. She would have been ninety something if she were still alive; along with the girl who played her sister in "meet me in St Louis"
    Her grandfather in that movie was Hilarious; as well as father.

  28. Please tell me at least ONE of you know that she played Esther in "Meet me in St Louis"because ever since i watched that movie i have become obsessed with Judy Freaking Garland! I. Love. Judy. Garland!!!!!!!!!!!!! And when i watch meet me in St Louis, i almost cried. I didn't know she DIED until i watched the special features; ever since, that movie makes me sad. (I have watched it over 6 times. Don't you DARE judge me!) I wanna meet Judy Garland so bad, but i can't. And u are soo right Hollywood can go DIE IN A HOLE FOR TREATING GARLAND SO BAD!! Judy was Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! i still don't understand why she was forced to change. Wow i just went on a tangent about Judy Freaking Garland. Oh, well! She is definitely worth it!!!
    R.I.P, Judy! 😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. I really missed her💔

    It's just so sad her mother just force her to get used to pills even Hollywood she doesn't deserve to be treated Badly.

  30. I really can’t see how people find Will & Grace funny….

  31. I guess Hollywood/MGM ruined her.

  32. I love Judy Garland.

  33. In some of her performances she emits a very masculine energy. Judy may be a mtf transgender.

  34. judy garland was part american indian

  35. Knew all this already having been a Garland fanatic for 25 years!

  36. We don’t use the term “our best Judy” for nothing of course she was a gay icon!

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