Top 10 Fall Designer List

Here is my top 10 fall designer list! I hope you enjoy! What are some of your favorite fall scents you will be rocking this season? Please comment below!

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  1. great selection and lovely background. So green and chill.

  2. Excellent guitar solo there at the beginning KC- in many ways, your musical skills are also as stellar as your tastes in fragrances…. You keep putting the work in and watch how your channel grows organically….

  3. Loved the intro and the video!!

  4. I like your content!! Keep on uploading! I think you should search for smzeus!!! Loads of YouTube channels use the site to promote their videos!

  5. Nice review thanks 👍

  6. Please make more review videos!

  7. Love ur videos kristen & ur respect for fragrance 🙂 👍

  8. Solid choices as usual.  Starting to pull out my neglected gourmands and boozy/tobaccos as Fall sets in.  Havane , Tonka, Harod, Creation E, Burberry London just to name a few   LOVE The One EDP and original form Dior Homme.  Always such a pleasure in cooler weather.  Enjoyed.

  9. Love the flying V 👍 holly crap beau de jour is already discontinued it just came out this year 😢

  10. Love to see Polo Green! 👍 ⚠️♥️

  11. Great 👍 list! Loved the guitar 🎸 intro… Keep ‘em coming!

  12. Love the list! Besides polo green lol

  13. Great list. Where do u sell your decants?

  14. Good to go KC🎸👍🏻

  15. Nice list! But can talk just a little louder…? 😊

  16. Interesting picks. Not to troll, but I'm a bit concerned about u picking Polo Green. That stuff is way to heavy on the tobacco.

  17. Nice guitar what kind of music bands do you listen to .

  18. I have Bleu de Chanel in the EDT, EDP, and Parfum concentrations. I love them all and use them during different seasons and/or occasions.

  19. Nice guitar playing at the beginning! Do you play your own backing musical track in your videos?

  20. La nuit de lomme is still killing it ! Enjoyed the video

  21. GREAT LIST! I have two bottles never sprayed of la nuit de l'homme and two of the 2015. I will be breaking into one of the 2013's this fall and winter in Connecticut. Woooooo!

  22. Cool guitar licks.
    The next Tash Sultana
    Great list.

  23. Killer intro !! Solid list 👍😎

  24. Dang awesome frags. And the guitar intro …. looking forward to more vids from you

  25. Awesome list! I think I'm really considering getting the Chanel Parfum

  26. Man we should get together rock the hell out of the neighborhood while smelling damn good. 🤣🤣🤣

  27. ❤️❤️❤️

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