Top 10 Evil Geniuses Of The Animal kingdom

Top 10 Evil Geniuses Of The Animal kingdom (2019)

Think of animals and you’d either classify them as cuddly and safe or an assassin, aiming for your blood. But is that all there is to them? Between the white and black shades, there lies a grey in their personalities. Yea, we really said that for ANIMALS! What happens when some of these creatures come all out in the ultimate badass mode? It’s evil, it’s fun and if you are looking for some sadistic pleasure at their expense, we have you covered! So open your arms to greet these 10 animals who are evil geniuses, alert: don’t take it literally and open your arms to them!

Number 10. Drongo
Number 9. Orchid mantis
Number 8. Bowerbird
Number 7. Male cuttlefish
Number 6. Cuckoo
Number 5. Pacific striped octopus
Number 4. Dolphin
Number 3. Black heron
Number 2. Assassin bug
Number 1. Boxer crabs

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  1. That boxer crab has got it Goin On like a cheerleader with their pom poms but all of them are pretty smart amazing Hunters and gatherers.

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