Top 10 Electric SUV Will Challenge Tesla Model Y in 2020

01: Volkswagen I.D. Crozz
02: Skoda Vision iV
03: Audi Q4 E-Tron
04: DS 3 Crossback E-Tense
05: Hyundai Kona EV
06: Kia e-Niro
07: Toyota C-HR EV
08: Nio ES6
09: Xpeng G3
10: Ford Electric SUV

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  1. I think the electric vehicles will and have to dominate above the combustible vehicles to make this world last longer without all the pollution that we all are producing an a daily basis. For decades the human intelligence is polluting this planet. Thanks to TESLA’s innovating activities and the greedy of other companies fear to lose the market of car buying consumers this will improve the quality of the environment that we live in.I sincerely hope that in al parts of transport the electric or solar empowerment will provide transport means for all the people on this planet. The fact that the industry of powers like oil, gas or carbon have filled their pockets for decades should be over. When someone comes up with a new and honest idea to improve the quality of life in general, why block him. Long live our only clean source of energy, THE SUN. She is the only one who provides life on this planet, let’s not forget that…………………….

  2. Lots of electric cars but none so far show any technology regarding autonomous driving capabilities. Tesla will continue to show strong sales I think while other companies play catch-up.

  3. Serious question/thought: If I can recall correctly, none of them offer more than 300 miles. Why? Quite disappointing I must say.

  4. So, the only real EV SUV coming soon and ready for offroad is Rivian and you don't even have it in this review, even though Amazon invested almost a billion in that company..

  5. do some homework. Kona, like some other EV cars, are available across Canada.

  6. All ev look good and Australia need more long range 1000km+ with low kw battery. I hope they will change technology system less than 400kw to 1/2 battery with long range 1000km+ without stop each waiting for hours charger. World need it too.. only out of the city to country road. Keep smart technology.

  7. The only way electric vehicle sales to thrive is by having quick change battery stations just like a service station we use for petrol.All electric vehicle batteries need to be standardised say three sizes small medium and large to suit different size vehicles regardless of the car brand.Just park the vehicle and a robot slide out the battery pack fits the fully charged one in a minute and off you go quicker than filling petrol. The so called fast chargers taking half an hour to charge one can imagine the back log of vehicles waiting to get charged as the number of electric vehicles increase especially going on long trips.

  8. Any AI. Was taken from Tesla..

  9. They might make better design looks, but never compare to Teslas capabilities..

  10. Tesla has the best auto pilot.
    They already got 2 huge factories and do not need investment for that.
    It's hard to compete with Tesla, if they start to reduce the prices 🙂

  11. So projected forecasts are not projected forecasts but facts. When did I think, or I believe become, It IS the truth? I know, when all the global warmers got together in fairly land. I believe that is somewhere in California maybe, only a guess. Just saying. You do realise that VW are a bunch of criminals, worse they are environmental terrorists. Worse than any other car manufacturers. How come your memory cannot recall this fact? It was not very long ago. No one should ever buy a VW not for 100 years. Rotten corrupt VW management should be in prison.

  12. VW concept cars !!!! Yawn

  13. What Will happend when the batterij of of an electric car is at the end of its life , and that for millions of cars !!?. It’s a lot of chemical dispose.

  14. Would the Polestar 2 be considered an SUV?

    For sure the Volvo XC40 Recharge is

  15. EV's are the future, but I think all of those cars are going to be competition for ICE cars and not for tesla.
    I don't think they will be able to offer the same quality, features and brand as Tesla can for a competitive price.
    Not only that, I have little faith that any of these big companies like WV group or ford will be able to produce enough batteries to meet their selling goals. Maybe korean brands and toyota can do it because of LG Chem, Samsung and Panasonic.

  16. Tesla the shit cars

  17. I think Tesla has a bigger problem with their corporate governance to be honest (imo of course)

  18. I just imagine non Tesla carmakers brainstorming a 'Tesla killer' like 'How are we going to capture customers? Oh I know, let's make it FUCKING UGLY'

  19. I really hope so but EV companies seem to struggle currently(except tesla). I hope this is only because of intial adoption concerns. I really like the peugeot 208 EV, but would be hesitant to buy one at this early stage. I have been hit hard by very low resale values in the past and would not want to make the same mistake. My hope is that ev's would lessen the risk of a low resale value as evs overall are much more reliable than their ice car equivalents, meaning that you don't have to worry about a specific brand being unreliable and you can be confident to have few issues over the intitial 5 years period including lasting well over 10 years. I've always hated the idea of we all ending up buying Toyotas because of the perceived quality of this manufacturer.

  20. Then again how green is the charging power..? Is it produced by fosile burning or is it coming from wind or solar energy..?!

  21. Ladies & Gentlemen… Introducing THE THIRD INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION WORLDWIDE! finally and hopefully for a better future :)! Greetings from Chile

  22. Also, notice how the SUV's in this list are literally all the worst choice in mileage.

  23. The only thing that holds me back for an EV is the fact that our rented appartments, don't have electric chargers in the parking lot.

    Change this and the technology will explode.

  24. you forget peugeot e208

  25. Have to agree that Skoda looks mega

  26. Electric cars have 1/3 less parts than ICE cars, therefore the price should be lowered. They're ripping you off.

  27. VW ALL THE WAY no more GAZOLINE OR DIESEL VW you F… it up EV ONLY get it

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