Top 10 Dumbest Game Show Ideas

How did the dumbest game show ideas ever make it onto the airwaves? We’re looking at the most outrageous, insane and poorly thought out game shows that ever made it to television. Not every gameshow can be a winner. WatchMojo ranks the dumbest game show ideas. What do you think is the dumbest game show idea? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Worst game show of all-time: The Moment of Truth.

  2. In Downfall the prizes dropped where replicas. God bless 🙂

  3. I Have Seen Late Night Liars, Hole in the Wall and Hurl! Before

  4. Identity is very popular in Italy and it's still on the air.

  5. 2:19 Uh, yeah that sums up two of my biggest interests

  6. "Downfall" was nothing more than a lame expansion of one of Letterman's lamest recurring gags.

  7. 10:56 Is that Donald Trump?

  8. "My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad" was a great show because it lifted up fatherhood. I would say the worst game show ever was "Friend or Foe" because at the end everyone would pick Foe and no one ever won anything. The concept was dumb.

  9. So y'all just throwing cars smh

  10. Identity is the only series on this entire list that I have ever even heard of.

  11. I remember Amnesia, identity, and the chair and watched them for one episode. All were stupid, though with Identity they had famous people (Stan Lee and Eve Plum were two I remember).

  12. Does any one else miss "The Weakest Link"?

  13. What about Gold Case?

  14. Not the shows are the problem.

  15. I felt dirty watching this, worst list ever seen from WatchMojo, somethings should be left forgotten

  16. Sounds like Late Night Liars was a satire of To Tell The Truth. I think it was a game show in the 1960s.

  17. To many adds in these videos! No one wants that!! Stop being greedy! 1 add at the begging is enough!

  18. Don’t scare the hare was the weirdest ting I’m glad I forgot about

  19. UK hole in the was sick don’t know about US one

  20. Deal or No Deal didn't make it? It's literally just only opening boxes

  21. i liked hole in the wall and distraction. Those were fun

  22. Some of those have been inducted into Game Show Garbage. Although I do not always agree with Game Show Garbage, these inductions are well deserved.

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  24. Awake aka Cram. I liked downfall. I remember liers and truth. I FN LOVE DISTRACTION!!!!


  26. I'm sure I'm not the only one who surprised that "Wipeout" missed the list.

  27. i actually loved hole in the wall, it was great in my opinion

  28. hole in the wall was fucking awesome

  29. I've actually seen an episode of Labor Games 😂 Also it's Stan Lee my forever hero. Rip, we love you 😍

  30. #7 There was also a short lived NZ version of The Chair hosted by Matthew Ridge. Geez that show was a big fuckup.

    The original US version is hosted by John “You Can’t Be Serious” McEnroe

  31. Hole in the Wall was honestly pretty amusing

  32. You bring up game shows from the 50's and you don't mention "Queen for a Day?" WTF?

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